Introduction to Singularity

What is SU?

Introduction to Exponentials

Intro to Exponentials: Think Exponentially

Intro to Exponentials: The 6 D’s

Intro to Exponentials: Abundance

Intro to Exponentials: Dream Boldly

Computers, Networks, and Sensors

CNS: 1 The Connected World

CNS: 2 The Evolution of Interfaces

CNS: 3 Microtransactions and the Blockchain


CNS: 5 Sacramento Kings’ Golden 1 Arena

CNS: 6 New Paradigms – Quantum Computing


AI: 1 Your New Best Friend

AI: 2 Big Data

AI: 3 Machine Learning

Health & Medicine

Health & Medicine: 2 Information Generation and Privacy

Health & Medicine: 3 Technology as Healer

Health & Medicine: 4 When Humans Meet Machine

Practicing Exponential Foresight

Practicing Exponential Foresight – Welcome

Can You Predict the Future?

The Knowns and the Unknowns

Practicing Foresight

Practicing Different Futures

Imagine and Tell Your Preferred Future

Cone of Possibilities

Robotics* (optional)

Robotics: 1 Robot Jobs

Robotics: 2 Breakthroughs

Robotics: 3 Social Robots

Robotics: 4 Rules for Robots

Digital Biology* (optional)

Digital Biology: 1 The Evolution of Life

Digital Manufacturing: 3 Synthetic Biology

Digital Biology: 4 Editing You

Digital Manufacturing* (optional)

Digital Manufacturing: 1 3D Printing

Digital Manufacturing: 3 Synthetic Biology