Blueprint for Exponential Impact

Anyone, anywhere, can make a difference

In the words of our founders, we welcome to Singularity University all who dare to make the world a better place and help shape the future of humanity. 

We believe everyone is capable of being extraordinary. And with the right mindset, skillset, and network, anyone can conceive of an idea that could positively impact the lives of 1 billion people.

Through SU programs, content, and conferences, our world-renowned founders, faculty, and guest thought leaders awaken audiences across the globe to the impact that rapidly accelerating technologies are having in every aspect of our lives and work. They illuminate trends and patterns that are shaping our future, and provide transformative experiences. The goal is to catalyze people to create positive change in the world.

Our experience watching the tens of thousands of people who have come through Singularity University’s doors (both physical and virtual) has helped us identify the essential elements that unlock the potential for anyone to have an exponential impact on the world: 

  • Develop an exponential mindset 
  • Connect with other exponential minds 
  • Build exponential solutions

At Singularity University, our offerings are designed to help people accomplish this.

Exponential Mindset

An exponential mindset refers to the unique way that inspired solvers see the world. We sometimes refer to it as an “abundance mindset.” It’s the lens through which we see solutions, not just problems. It’s a way of thinking that lets us take advantage of accelerating rates of change, not fear them. It’s a penchant to innovate with bleeding-edge technologies, not get disrupted into obsolescence by them. It's a pattern of thinking that sees endless possibilities. An outlook that is optimistic. A perspective that pushes boundaries. An exponential mindset entails passion to solve humanity’s biggest problems, and a commitment to co-create an abundant future for us all.


Exponential Connections

When people with this mindset connect with other exponential minds—all similarly aware of the power that exponential technologies wield to shape both a better world today and a brighter future—they are inspired with ideas they might not have thought of on their own; they create partnerships that form the underpinnings of successful projects; they find solutions that previously eluded them; and they build companies together that drive the world forward. They meet people with the knowledge they seek, and the resources and capital they need.

Exponential Solutions

The holy grail of effecting positive change at scale is to build exponential solutions. These are the answers to the biggest questions and challenges we face. These solutions leverage exponential technologies to solve humanity’s most urgent challenges. They are built, from the outset, to scale to the farthest reaches of our planet. They’re the ideas that seemed impossible, until they weren’t. They are poised to deliver exponential impact...improving the lives of 1 billion or more people.

Our global community is engaged on this path. They’re creating stunning projects and achieving the impossible every day. But you’re part of the blueprint, too. We hope you’ll join us on a path from inspiration to impact and...

Be Exponential.


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