Adam Josephs

Guest Speaker

Speaker, Entrepreneurship

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About Adam

Adam works with established and start-up technology teams to accelerate their product development. As the managing partner and one of the founders, of Celerity Consulting Group LLC (, he advises and coaches teams all over the world. His clients are in a range of industries including web/mobile & enterprise software, semiconductor, electronics, material sciences and investment banking. Celerity coaches organizations to transform culture and team behavior in simple, effective ways so that they achieve product development and commercial objectives faster. The core of Celerity approach is to rigorously upgrade the transparency, language, accountability and innovation of teams. The focus is on the creation of committed teams that identify and mitigate risk early. Celerity works with cross-functional product development and operational groups as well as senior management teams. The hands-on engagement model effectively creates lasting resilient, purpose driven teams. Additionally, Adam is an amateur rugby player, adventurous foodie and lifetime student (Stanford, Oxford) (course/research areas: strategy, teams, change and entrepreneurship organizations).

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