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Areas of Expertise

Virtual Reality  •  Augmented Reality

About Alexandra

Alexandra Ivanovitch, PhD is an innovator dedicated to leveraging 21st century technology to address some of the most pressing challenges our society faces, such as caring for our senior population in an ever-aging society, building trust between law enforcement and the communities it protects, etc.

On both sides of the Atlantic, she has shared her design thinking and creative skills while consulting for Google and Hyperloop TT as well as innovation-driven non-profit organizations like XPRIZE and pioneering start-ups in Europe. Her work in the field of virtual reality for social impact was sponsored by the Roddenberry Foundation (Star Trek). Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek to help us envision a hopeful and inclusive future. 

Former research fellow in Digital Humanities at the Université Paris-Sorbonne, where she used to teach at all undergraduate levels, current adjunct faculty at Singularity University, she is passionate about harnessing groundbreaking social neuroscience studies and technology from the lab to the real world.

Her 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EQUALITY LAB, is pioneering a virtual reality program to allow seniors to fulfill their last wishes through immersive technology in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospices in South Florida.

She has recently created an innovative community policing program called VR WITH A COP, which allows law enforcement officers to engage with at-risk youth by using virtual reality. The program has been pilot-tested with the City of Miami PD and Miami Beach PD. Officers and young people play cooperative virtual reality games to train and develop collaboration and communication skills.

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