Dr. Amy A. Kruse

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Neuroscience, Security

Areas of Expertise

Neuroscience  •  Human Potential  •  Security  •  GGC-Security

About Amy

Dr. Amy Kruse is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Platypus Institute, an applied neuroscience research organization that translates cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries into practical tools and programs which enhance the human experience.

Dr. Kruse’s primary focus at the Platypus Institute is a project entitled “Human 2.0” – a multi-faceted initiative that helps selected individuals and teams leverage neurotechnology to generate meaningful competitive advantages. Her ultimate goal with the Human 2.0 project is to create a vibrant, widespread neurotechnology industry that allows humanity to upgrade the human brain and, thereby, the human condition.

Before joining the Platypus Institute, Dr. Kruse served as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cubic Global Defense, where she oversaw the company’s research and development (R&D) programs. Her efforts at Cubic dramatically accelerated and enhanced the company’s R&D capabilities, which in turn yielded an expanded product portfolio and increased sales.

Prior to her work at Cubic, Dr. Kruse served as a government civilian program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where she created and oversaw the Agency’s first performance-oriented neuroscience program. Her efforts at DARPA generated scientific breakthroughs in areas including augmented cognition, accelerated learning, cognitive enhancement, team neurodynamics, and brain stimulation, and they resulted in the creation of multiple programs that measurably enhanced both individual and team performance in several branches of the US military.

Amy is a member of several defense panels and advisory boards for organizations including DARPA, the National Academies and the Defense Science Board. She is also the author of numerous scientific papers, chapters, and articles.

Dr. Kruse earned a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Structural Biology and a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, where she was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

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Speaking Topics

  • Cognitive Security

    Cognitive security is the application of AI technologies patterned on human thought processes to detect threats and protect physical and digital systems. True cognitive security is interpretive based on continuous learning that increases its comprehensive corpus of knowledge.

  • Elite Performance - Individuals and Teams:

    The enhancement of high performers’ abilities including, but not limited to professional athletes, executives, elected officials, etc.

  • Human performance/enhancement

    Human performance/enhancement is the attempt to overcome the current limitations of the human body through natural or artificial means.

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