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Areas of Expertise

Future of Work  •  Ethics  •  Robotics  •  Design Thinking  •  SciFi  •  Leadership  •  Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics  •  Entrepreneurship

About Andra

Andra Keay is Managing Director and Founder of Silicon Valley Robotics, the leading non-profit robotics cluster, with more than 600 robotics startups and 50% of the global robotics investment activity. The process of commercializing research innovation into real world product is at the heart of Silicon Valley Robotics and lessons learnt here can be applied globally. Andra is an expert in aligning the multidisciplinary stakeholders required in a high tech innovation cluster and speaks regularly on the growing business of AI, robotics, and the ethical issues that emerge.

Silicon Valley Robotics is a not-for-profit association of robotics companies with the mission of supporting innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. With 50 robotics research labs and more than 600 robotics startups, the Silicon Valley Region is home to the most advanced robotics ecosystem in the world. Silicon Valley Robotics partners with many global organizations to create a blueprint for emerging technology innovation, to provide a landing pad for visiting companies and to make connections with robotics and AI startups and investors.

Andra Keay SVR

Life with robots - Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics

"Are Robots the New Black?" - 2014 Keynote

Ethics in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence | SingularityU Germany Summit 2017

What are Ethical Design Frameworks for Robotics and AI?

Beyond Innovation #10 Promo: the Robotics Revolution, Traveling to Mars, Reversing Diabetes & More!

Simulation #18 - Interview: Our Future with Robots

Speaking Topics

  • Designing Good Robots

    Forget Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics! There are five major problems with bad robots, and there are 5 design guidelines for building good robots that answer all our ethical concerns. Based on latest research and real world deployments!

  • How Perception Enables Robotics 2.0

    We’ve entered at Cambrian Explosion in robotics technologies, with exponential expansion in the array of new companies. Just like in the biological Cambrian period, the development of visual perception has powered this growth in robotics. We call it the transition from Robotics 1.0 to Robotics 2.0. What does this mean in the real world?

  • Other Robotic Topics Covered

    • Robots and Retail
    • Robots and Our Homes
    • Robots and Our Health
    • Robots and Food – from Farm to Fork
    • Space Robots
    • Diversity, Robots and Women
    • From Reference Man to Reference Many
    How to avoid the robopocalypse, how to build really good robots, and how to build diversity too.

  • Robotics 1.0, 2.0. 3.0

    After fifty years of Robotics 1.0, we’re now seeing an array of entirely new robotics technologies entering the world. From the closed factories of Robotics 1.0 to our everyday interactions with Robotics 2.0, what’s real, what’s going to change, and what will the future hold with Robotics 3.0.

  • Robots and Jobs – Reality Check

    Thanks to Hollywood, it’s easy to fear our mechanical robot replacements. However, there is no agreement among analysts and academics as to the real impact of current technological revolutions. Let’s separate robots, from AI, automation and computerization and place each technology in the global economic environment. The only problem is how slowly we are making changes!

  • Robots and our Global Challenges

    From colonizing the solar system to feeding the world, how will robotics technologies help us solve our Global Challenges? Let’s look at the front lines of our emerging new technologies, particularly sensors, robotics and AI.

  • Robots: Fact or Fiction

    It’s easy to believe that the robot revolution is upon us when we watch amazing robot/AI videos. What are the real impacts of Alpha Zero or Boston Dynamics? What new robot companies are disrupting entire industries? Is your industry about to get disrupted? And how can we differentiate between what’s really changing and research videos? Silicon Valley Robotics is an association of innovative robotics companies who are making that transition from research to real world, so we track the data on the real robot revolution.

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