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Future Forecasting

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Future Forecasting

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Andrea Saveri experience spans 25 years helping clients develop foresight, innovate, and prototype their futures. Her work with education clients has focused on creating forecasts of the disruptive shifts in teaching and learning, building resilient systems, and harnessing the power of technologies of cooperation. Saveri leads effective and dynamic, opportunity mapping sessions and rapid-prototyping workshops with organizations to help them discover and realize innovative solutions to strategic challenges. She has creatively collaborated with major research universities, community colleges and K-12 schools to develop strategies and implement action for 21st century education.In partnership with the KnowledgeWorks Foundation Saveri created the 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning, as well as the engagement guide Creating a New World of Learning: A Change Maker Toolkit. She has also worked with higher education clients developing strategic roadmaps for new business and service opportunities. Most recently she launched an open design quest at an independent middle school in the East Bay to pilot participatory service-learning. She is currently partnering with California State University East Bay to launch a long term thinking program.Saveri Consulting clients include California State University, East Bay; KnowledgeWorks Foundation; Institute for Study Abroad; Stanford University Libraries; Institute of Creative Technologies at DeMontfort University; Michigan State University Food & Society Initiative; Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education; Link TV and several independent schools and community colleges.Andrea is skilled at conducting quantitative and qualitative research, applying futures methodologies, and designing breakthrough collaboration experiences. She spent 21 years at Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California leading global research and forecasting projects in education, health, and the workplace. She is a graduate of Harvard University (B.A. Hispanic Studies) and of University California at Berkeley (M.A. Latin American Studies) and has traveled extensively in Mexico. Andrea is a mother of two elementary school children. In the summer she coordinates Camp, a Brazilian Cultural & Performing Arts Camp for children in Berkeley.

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