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About Andres

Dr. Andres Roemer Slomianski is a Mexican journalist, civil servant, entrepreneur and academic. He has become an opinion leader in political, social, economic and cultural matters, and has written over 18 books on a diversity of topics including economics, happiness, law, art, crime, sexuality, love, water, soccer, among others.

Dr. Andres Roemer is the President of a think tank, Poder Civico, A.C., and, in association with Grupo Salinas, he is Curator and Founder of the international festival, Ciudad de las Ideas (or City of Ideas: International Festival of Brilliant Minds). Founded in 2008, Ciudad de las Ideas has brought some of the most renowned speakers on a diversity of topics to the international festival set in Puebla, Mexico.

He has created over 1,000 television programs; including Between the Public and Private and In the Ring broadcasted on TV Azteca network, and Think About Thinking, Roemer Report and Ciudad de las Ideas on Project 40.

He is currently Senior Visiting Scholar in Culture Codes and Evolutionary Psychology at the School of Law University of California at Berkeley where he received his Ph.D. in Public Policy. He has received various cultural awards and prizes, including the Don K. Price Award for Academic Excellence at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and more recently the Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award at the University of California, Berkeley. Has received scholarships from Fulbright, Harvard, Ford and ITAM. Microsoft Corporation recently created the Microsoft Award Andres Roemer for distinction in service to the community of scholars. Dr. Andres Roemer currently lives in Paris, France.

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