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Areas of Expertise

Exponentials  •  Impact  •  Blockchain  •  Cryptocurrency

About Anne

Anne Connelly is passionate about harnessing blockchain to transform the lives of people in emerging economies. Anne is Faculty at Singularity University, teaching global leaders how exponential technologies can solve problems that impact over a billion people. She has been an active part of the global blockchain community since 2012, and is the co-author of Trust, a graphic novel about blockchain. She previously worked with Doctors Without Borders Canada in Central African Republic and the DR Congo, and served on their board of directors. She has a Bachelor of Life Sciences from Queen’s University, an MBA from McMaster University, and is certified in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School. She was honoured as one of CBC’s 12 Young Leaders Changing Canada and one of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in Canada.

Speaker Demo Reel 2018

Speaker Demo Reel

Blockchain And The Future Of Freedom | Tedxottawa | Tedx Talks

Webinar: Blockchain & Human Rights

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