Dr. Bethany Doran

Guest Speaker

Data Science, Medicine

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Areas of Expertise

Wellness  •  Smart Cities  •  Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics  •  Medicine  •  Machine Learning  •  Internet of Things  •  GGC-Health  •  Genetics  •  Ethics  •  Digital Biology  •  Deep Learning  •  Data Science  •  Biotech  •  Artificial Intelligence

About Bethany

Dr. Doran is one of the only cardiologists in the world who has a background in statistical methods and machine learning. She taught herself to code and perform analyses at a young age which led to multiple publications, including one that changed the guidelines for fasting prior to doctors visits and is cited in major international and national guidelines. She began to become fascinated by machine learning and AI in medicine, especially the challenges including rampant bias, difficulty in explaining methods to physicians, and need for accuracy/explainability and was awarded an NIH LRP grant to study machine learning to predict mortality.

After she began to understand the power of aggregated data as well as difficulties with obtaining high quality data, she became involved in initiatives in the world economic forum to help examine the ideas of equity, equality, data provenance, and citizen protection. She also formed her own company, Lumas Tech, that is aimed at empowering patients and citizens by helping them to obtain and own their own data, as well as understand their rights.

She is an expert at data privacy and ethics in health care, and at her core is a humanist, deeply passionate about improving people’s lives.

The Future of AI in Medicine

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