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About Bill

Bill is the Founder of THE INNOVATION AGENCY, an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley; he is also a faculty member at Singularity University. Over the past 10 years he has conducted 600+ innovation engagements with 250+ corporations from 50+ countries, working with 8,000+ professionals, 4,000+ executives and C-Staff, and 25+ CEOs. He has worked with companies such as Google, Apple, Renault, Tesla, Nike, Airbnb, IDEO, RBS, Starbucks, Twitter, Bechtel, Autodesk, Facebook, GE, IKEA, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the World Bank, helping people to improve and expand their innovation mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets.

His work has appeared in The Economist, Forbes, Fast Company, and the MIT Press Innovations journal; and he has worked with universities and business schools such as Stanford, Berkeley, Oxford, Wharton, INSEAD, and Princeton, via research projects, keynote speeches, and innovation workshops. His work has also been written about in The Net and the Butterfly.

At Autodesk/San Francisco, Bill served as lead speechwriter for the CEO of Autodesk from 2006-2016, working directly with him on 325 speeches, presentations, and written works. He also served for seven years at the Editor-in-Chief of the Autodesk emerging technologies journal Autodesk: POV, where he wrote and edited 275 articles/interviews on subjects such as innovation, future of work, AI, Internet of Things, AR/VR, quantum computing, etc. His team is currently researching how Nobel Prize winners innovate — with 11 Laureates interviewed so far — in conjunction with the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm.

Bill also sits on the advisory boards of three disruptive (hopefully!) startups.
He lives in the mountains just north of San Francisco with his wife and his dog Zinzino, a globally respected canine innovator.

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