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Carin Ism is the Managing Director of the Global Challenges Foundation (GCF) and leads the work to identify and develop solutions for global governance, particularly in relation to global catastrophic risks. This encompasses both bottom-up and top-down organizational designs, many of which rely heavily on emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, although the range is wide.

Ism directed the process to launch the world’s biggest prize competition is the social sciences, where $5M is offered for a theoretical model of a significant improvement to global cooperation. Ism is also chairman of Effective Altruism Sweden, working to influence international development policy and update global philanthropy to safeguard future generations.

Ism also works with the GCF to reform and organize business and management education, where a key building block to a global coalition of management schools was to support the Stockholm School of Economics through an overhaul of their bachelor’s programme.

Before entering the global governance field – a shift guided by the principles of effective altruism – Ism worked with LGBTQ+ issues and the politics of gender and sexuality, particularly the technological aspects of the trans movement and how relationships can be optimized by reimagining romance and family.

Ism was active as a lecturer for more than ten years in a large variety of settings, ranging from large auditoriums to intimate workshops, and was featured in all of Sweden’s major media outlets both in television and print.

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