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Areas of Expertise

Exponential Thinking  •  Communication  •  Leadership

About Catherine

Catherine Molloy is an International Speaker & Communication Expert, specialising in leadership, sales & service. With 25 years of experience in business, training, and facilitation, Catherine believes in creating effective engaging learning environments through powerful communication techniques. Catherine has immersed herself into the field of communication and body language psychology. It has anchored her authority as a Communication Master. Catherine holds a Masters Degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as qualifications in Business, Leadership & Management and is a qualified DISC accredited consultant.

Catherine works internationally in the areas of business growth, customer service and leadership with communication as the overarching tool to success in these areas. Catherine developed the conscious connection framework after studying body language for over 30 years, and researching and understanding the theories behind behaviour styles. Catherine says when you take away the non-verbals and verbal language, globally you are left with the raw behaviour styles of people which is fantastic, as you can sell, serve and lead anyone, anywhere in the world.

Catherine’s journey in Sales began in the 1980s topping sales nationally with the Commercial Bank of Australia and Westpac Bank. She then owned and operated a successful Real Estate business, and now owns and runs an international soft-skill training company based in Australia and has just won an International Sales and Leadership award. Catherine understands the joys and difficulties of owning and running a business and understands successful teams become more effective when they are consciously communicating and having fun.

Speaking Topics

  • The Conscious Leader – The ultimate talk to lead through crises and beyond

    Creating new CEILs in business (Conscious Emotionally Intelligent Leaders) – conscious of self, others and context. This talk takes leadership to the next level and helps push through the glass ceiling. It will show everyone how to be the leaders we need in our lives, our businesses and for our teams. Watch out for some insightful and hilarious reasons why we need to lead consciously from the front and not follow from behind.

  • The Million Dollar Handshake – How to connect and communicate in a world without handshakes and make a great first impression

    This interactive keynote will focus on building engagement, connection (what do your first 7 seconds say?) and influence – face -to -face as well as virtually. Open your conference with this fast, fun and forward thinking talk. The future of work is constantly changing and your communication style and skills will need to change with it.
    Catherine’s award winning first book became an international best seller “The Million Dollar Handshake” and the on line version will be gifted to you post conference.

  • The Success Formula - Body language and service that sells

    Isn’t it time to master communication, influence and grow your business? Imagine a team that understands the nuances of non-verbal language and can apply this to leading well, serving others, whilst creating positive mental wealth, good team culture and increase sales. This highly engaging, energetic, laugh out loud key note allows us to look at our selves whilst putting into practice some tiny tweaks to make big differences and create win wins in business and life.

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