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Synthesis  •  Opener / Closer  •  Moderator  •  Leadership  •  Human Potential  •  GGC-Prosperity  •  GGC-Learning  •  Future of Learning  •  Facilitator  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Exponentials  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Disruption  •  Design Thinking  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Abundance  •  Impact

About Christina

Christina Gerakiteys is Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia. Christina is a catalyst for change and has a talent for alchemizing the impossible into the possible. She knows human potential is unlimited.

An eternal optimist and idealist, Christina’s mission is to inspire and empower leaders to find solutions to humanity’s grand challenges. Through her work, she seeks to open hearts and minds to the abundant possibilities and hope for humanity presented by exponential technologies.

After attending the Executive Program at SingularityU (NASA Ames, Silicon Valley), Christina opened the first SingularityU Chapter in Australia (SUAU) in April 2018. SUAU has since launched the SUAU Global Impact Challenge and SUAU Summit and is the 8th Country Partner of Singularity University globally.

Christina is a fully accredited SU Faculty member at SingularityU. She is the host of the SingularityU Australia Summit podcast, Inspire for 5.

Christina is passionate about experiential learning and is a sought after corporate and university program designer and facilitator, her curriculums driven by design thinking, engagement, purpose and play. She lectures regularly in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship where she encourages Moonshot Thinking – a disruptive exploration into what is possible rather than settling for current mindsets.

Christina has worked closely with members of Simon Sinek’s team to create an organisational and personal self-discovery program.

Christina has created a series of workshops and innovation programs based around her lifelong learning journey, combining lessons in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul, the pillars of self-actualisation.

Her engaging style, depth of knowledge and authentic desire to impact the planet for good, have made Christina an in-demand key-note speaker. She has presented at the SingularityU Australia Summit, SingularityU Leadership Forum, Vivid Ideas, Creative Innovation Conference and Inspiring Women Leaders Digital Conference in Madrid. Christina also produces the annual Hunter Innovation Festival.

A second generation Australian, Christina stems from a line of Greek entrepreneurs including her grandfather who arrived in Australia at 15 and left the inspirational legacy of the nation’s favourite sweets – Violet Crumble and the Choc-Top ice-cream.

As founder of UtopiaX, a business focused on creativity and innovation, Christina designs corporate innovation programs and writes for several publications. She is a frequent guest on radio where she speaks on business and the crucial role these factors play in success. She is a regular contributor to the award-winning Front-End Innovation blog and will publish her second book The Multiplier Effect: Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time, in 2019.

Christina is currently writing her PhD in Creativity and Innovation, is a director on several companies, and is an active advocate for several innovation committees.

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Speaking Topics

  • Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time

    To succeed in business, we must change the language of ‘failure’ – that takes courage. Failure isn’t an end. Rather it is only one step on the path to success and there are many steps required.
    Imagine a world where failure was celebrated in a new context and the lessons from each step observed, a point from where improvements were made? Imagine a structure where ‘failure’ brought people together to work towards success?
    Imagine what great changes will take place when this rhetoric becomes reality. When the talk, is walked.

  • Democratization, Holocracy & Transformative Purpose

    How will holocracy, democratization and transformative purpose change the way we currently do business now and into the future?

    From Minimal Viable Product to Mass Transformative Purpose, from dependent communities to globalization, hierarchical business systems to circles of trust and responsibility, the change can be massive. Or minimal.

    Our systems and processes, from regulated finances to demonetization, scarcity to abundance will need to be agile, adaptable and adoptable.

  • ExpONEntial - The Road To Infinity

    Spirituality or AI? Will we upload consciousness and merge with AI, or is The Singularity our uploading into a collective consciousness? What will it mean to live in an ExpONEntial society? Is ‘one’ a singular or a collective?

    The power of one can be dictatorial. Or it can be the collected unity of voices, steering the world to compassion and love. Will we become a society of singular units, or a collective? Do we exist as individuals or as individuations of a collective whole? Where will you stand?

  • Impossible to Possible

    Catalyse change! Potential is unlimited. There are limitless examples where impossible has become possible.
    As we converge differing technologies, as the rate of the new becomes unfathomable, Exponential Technologies are opening up opportunities never before possible. The question is – what role will you play? And how will you play it?
    This talk unites the Exponential speed of change with our capacity for change. And more.

  • Technologies of the Future

    There are a multitude of technologies out there that are changing at an exponential pace. We explore the range of technologies for which exponential holds true and the implications this has on industry. These changes will affect our business models, our education systems, our food systems and the impact we can make locally and globally.

  • The I's Behind The Why - Finding Meaning & Creating Impact

    After collaborations with Simon Sinek’s Start with Why team, I provide insights for entrepreneurs and organizations to help bring their purpose and intention to life.

    Our intent acts as a barometer for every decision we make, every opportunity we accept, every team member we employ. I’ll reveal why discovery is a process that involves deep-dive searching and digging, courage and strength.

    As a creativity and innovation specialist, I know that your ‘why’ can act as a benchmark for everything you do. Your ‘why’ provides the inspiration to ignite your vision to life, to come up with ideas that create change. It will be the support that will allow you to stand secure, fall forward and pick yourself up when the going gets tough.

  • The Science Of Askology - Don't Ask, Don't Get

    10 steps that guide organizations into Exponential Change:
    Redefining success
    Standing secure
    Creating the avatar
    Investing in self
    It’s all invented
    Amplifying strengths
    The elves on your shoulder
    Moonshot Reality
    Act Now

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