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Digital Manufacturing

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About Daan

Coming from a family of cigar makers, industrial entrepreneurship has stolen my heart at young age. Master degrees in both mechanical engineering and business administration have created a solid basis for my professional career and multiple ventures. My experience ranges from strategy development & implementation, industrial marketing & sales, global (out)sourcing, open innovation and internationalisation in the automotive and (high tech) manufacturing industry. I’m a serial entrepreneur and excel in out-of-the-box thinking, opportunity scouting, business modelling and execution with a signature consisting of pragmatism, enthusiasm, perseverance and cost-consciousness.

In 2012 I founded, together with Jonas Wintermans, Additive Industries, a high tech start-up company industrialising 3D printing for functional parts in various metals. The ambition of Additive Industries is to bring additive manufacturing and 3D printing from lab to fab and allow the high tech manufacturing industry to capitalise on the opportunities additive manufacturing has to offer in creating lighter, compact, integrated, more complex products & parts with better thermal performance/ characteristics. In the evening hours, I’m also a board member and initiator of NextOEM, an accelerator program for young high tech companies.

Specialties: 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Subcontracting, Purchasing Market Research & Global Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Open Innovation, Marketing & Sales, Outsourcing, Strategy Development & Deployment.

AWC Daan Kersten

Daan Kersten on Democratizing Manufacturing

Daan Kersten (CEO Additive Industries): “Singularity has challenged me to look further”

Opening speech of Daan A.J. Kersten, Co-founder/CEO of Additive Industries, during the Additive World Conference 2016

Speaking Topics

  • 3D Printing and digital manufacturing

    – Eindhoven tech area and why it is different/distinctive
    – Entrepreneurship and implementing innovation
    Digitization is taking the manufacturing industries by storm while enabling new business models, disrupting existing value chains and democratising fabrication. 3D printing is a family of various technologies that add material instead of subtracting it like more traditional machining processes. The combination of a fully digital design workflow and integrated manufacturing allows us to create new products and offers many opportunities to improve their weight, performance or apply personalisation. Besides applications in our daily life and large industries like high tech equipment, aerospace and automotive, digital manufacturing also offers new solutions to the global grand challenges.

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