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Dan is an improviser. 30 years ago, he took a class at Stanford called Beginning Improvisation, and has been performing, studying and teaching ever since. Dan is a Lecturer in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well at in the Theater department and the d.school. He teaches The Improviser’s Mindset, Design Thinking, StoryCraft, Creative Collaboration, Status and Connection and Game Design at Stanford, and at dozens of companies all over the world. His recent clients include: Google, HP, Uber, VMWare, Colgate, Panasonic, LucasFilm and The Kahn Academy.

Dan Klein | Designing the Future with Improvisation

Speaking Topics

  • Collaborative Creativity and Imagination: Envisioning the Abundant Future

    In this workshop, participants engage in immersive experiences to shift their mindsets, from scarcity to abundance, from operational to innovative, from judgemental to generative and from critical to creative. By re-imagining failure, fostering bonds and building on ideas, all things become possible.

  • Getting Comfortable with Ambiguity

    Growth is not linear and success is not predictable. To survive and thrive in dynamic systems, we must embrace ambiguity. This hands-on, experiential workshop explores the interplay between failure, paradox, uncertainty, connection, collaboration, and “presence.”

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