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Dan Klein teaches Improvisation full time at Stanford University where he is a Lecturer of Management at the Graduate School of Business, a Lecturer in the Department of Theater and Performance Studies, and an instructor at the d.school. He was recently named Stanford Teacher of the Year by the Student’s Association.

Dan is on the forefront of an emerging field, called Applied Improvisation, using the techniques of improvisational theater to train individuals and teams in domains beyond entertainment. The Applied Improvisation Network boasts 7000 members around the globe, training in fields including crisis management, customer focused innovation, organizational design and clinician/patient dynamics.

Beyond Stanford, Dan has lead custom tailored for various groups organizations, including Singularity University, the High Performance Leadership program at IMD Business School in Switzerland and the Kauffman Fellows Program helping to train global leaders in venture capital. Dan has also partnered with Stanford Professor Carol Dweck to create interactive workshops on her breakthrough research on Mindset.

Dan’s clients include: Google, HP, Cisco, Oracle, Uber, Linkedin, Roche, Kaiser-Permanente, United Health Group, St. Jude Medical Devices, Cancer Centers of America, Axon, Nestle, Colgate, Visa, Schwab, First Republic, East West Bank, ING, Blackrock, Panasonic, Lucasfilm, Kahn Academy, Nike, Fenwick & West, Randstad, Micron and many more.

Dan Klein | Designing the Future with Improvisation

Speaking Topics

  • Collaborative Creativity and Imagination: Envisioning the Abundant Future

    In this workshop, participants engage in immersive experiences to shift their mindsets, from scarcity to abundance, from operational to innovative, from judgemental to generative and from critical to creative. By re-imagining failure, fostering bonds and building on ideas, all things become possible.

  • Getting Comfortable with Ambiguity

    Growth is not linear and success is not predictable. To survive and thrive in dynamic systems, we must embrace ambiguity. This hands-on, experiential workshop explores the interplay between failure, paradox, uncertainty, connection, collaboration, and “presence.”

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