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Areas of Expertise

Ageing  •  Biotech  •  Longevity

About David

David Cristina is a Singularity University expert in Ageing, Health, Biotechnology & Longevity. He received his PhD in Genetics of Aging from UCSF, training under Cynthia Kenyon, one of the founders of the Aging Research field and, despite his financial expertise, is a scientist at heart.

David is currently Executive Director at Fosun International, running Fosun’s European Healthcare Investment Team.

His core expertise is in Biotech and Pharma. He is experienced in Venture Capital, early stage investment and venture-building and, since joining his latest position, has spent over two years working on public market investments and Private Equity.

David speaks frequently in public about science, investment and comedy.

David’s sessions reflect on how the increase in longevity will affect our lives and the way we manage businesses due to the impacts it will bring to our society. As a comedian, David always has a funny and unique way to share his knowledge.

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Speaking Topics

  • Longevity Extension & Ageing: 60 is the new 30

    Increases in longevity and healthier ageing will impact huge changes on our society and will bring great opportunities for our companies. This talk discusses the future of increasing longevity and how this will affect our lives and the way we conduct business.

  • The Biology of Longevity

    – Aging is not inevitable: What is aging? How does it work?
    – There are ways to delay aging: What are they? How can we bring these to everyone? Why, then, are we not living forever?
    – There are exciting things to come: How will increased longevity affect me? And my business? And society? And the economy?

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