David Katz

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Founder & CEO, Plastic Bank

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Environment  •  GGC-Environment

About David

David Katz is the acting President of the Vancouver Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization and recent winner of the EO Global Citizen award. Selected from over 10,500 members, the EO Global Citizen is the one person who uses his entrepreneurial skills to make a mark on the global landscape, impact communities, inspire support and effect positive change. David works in plastic recycling and has launched The Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bank is the world only organization to monetize plastic waste, providing an opportunity for the worlds disadvantaged to collect and trade plastic waste as a currency. The Plastic Bank aims to create a global network of micro recycling entrepreneurs that will transcend poverty by cleaning the environment. David real mission is to inspire entrepreneurs, and prove that it is A Business Solution to all of the Worlds Maladies and that the entrepreneur is uniquely wired to change the world. David successfully exited his previous company, Nero Global Tracking, a SaaS solution that enabled Mobile Workforce Management utilizing GPS Tracking technology. David’s third organization, The Core Values Institute, guides executives and corporations in the development of their Strategic Vision and Core Values. David has consulted and spoken globally with 100 of businesses about the use and implementation of Values Based Leadership, Business Process, Mobile Workforce Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. With his business success, David still manages to be a father of three amazing children. In addition to raising a daughter with special needs, David volunteers as a front line contact to fathers who receive their children diagnosis. David is also an active adventure traveller and amateur boxer.

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