David Siegel

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Blockchain, Future Forecasting

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Future Forecasting  •  Blockchain  •  Wellness  •  Opener / Closer  •  Networks & Computing Systems  •  Longevity  •  Leadership  •  Future of Work  •  Future of Learning  •  Finance  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Exponentials  •  Cryptocurrency  •  Environment  •  Energy  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Disruption  •  Design Thinking  •  Data Science  •  Customer Experience

About David

Web pioneer, author, and serial entrepreneur David Siegel is the CEO of both the Pillar Project and 20|30. David received a math degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford. He was the first employee of Pixar after Steve Jobs founded the company in 1986. He soon left to begin a life of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. There, he created one of the world’s bestselling fonts, the Tekton typeface, which was sold by Adobe. He also created the Graphite and Zapfino fonts. In 1995, he wrote Creating Killer Web Sites, the first book on web design and a world-wide bestseller. He started Studio Verso, one of the world’s first digital agencies, and sold it to KPMG in 1999. He wrote Secrets of Successful Web Sites and Futurize Your Enterprise before moving to New York City to work on the semantic web.

In 2010, David’s book Pull described a world in which we use data very differently than we do today. Pull book serves as the blueprint for the Pillar project.

He spent five years building a body of work he calls Business Agility, which you can learn about on his web site and YouTube channel. In 2016 he was a candidate to be the next Dean of Stanford and Warwick business schools.

David co-founded 2030.io in early January, 2017. Hundreds of people from around the world found the site and joined the community. The CryptX index was the first project they worked on, and the Pillar Project was the second.

After the successful ICO, David brought the team to Poprad, Slovakia, to build community relationships. He then published The Token Handbook and became an active speaker and thought leader on the need for equity tokens and tickets. The Pillar Project now has a growing team of people working to build the foundation envisaged in David’s writing.

At 20|30, David is working with his expanding team on a portfolio of new products including the CryptX index token, blockchain-based prescriptions, the Token Factory ICO on boarding service, and much more. He gives speeches at conferences around the world and does consulting for a few select clients.

Blockchain and The Future of the World Economy

Blockchain & Ethereum at "Next in Tech", 2017

Keynote: The Future of Money, London 2018

Crypto Interview with Pillar Project CEO David Siegel @ LDN Blockchain Week 2019

Speaking Topics

  • All About Stablecoins

    Stablecoins are a very hot topic these days. They hold the promise of opening the world of blockchain to interface with the world of contracts, commitments, insurance, and many other use cases. Several have tried and failed, and the weight of the crypto-economy hangs in the balance. In this talk, David breaks down the basic concepts and examples, and points to where he thinks this fascinating space will take us.

  • Future of Money

    This is an important talk on the future of monetary policy and crypto-finance. David shows how the world can benefit from a new approach to money, one that combines the best of today’s fiat currencies and tomorrow’s blockchain technology. In this talk, David unpacks critical but little-understood aspects of monetary policy and its effects on society. Attendees will have their eyes opened to a new approach to money that has the potential to radically reduce recessions across the globe.

  • Intro to blockchain

    In this very accessible talk, David explains the basic concepts of blockchain in non-technical terms and shows how blockchain will change business, society, governments, and more.

  • The Eight Drivers of Change for the 21st century

    This new talk from David takes the audience on a journey to the year 2050, when things will be very different. He curates a list of key drivers that will change our lives: urbanization, decentralization, life sciences, artificial intelligence, connectedness, resolution, governance, and inequality. He presents each driver and explains how it will be a major force of change over the next 30 years. Audiences will come away with many conversations and questions – the goal is to stimulate and provoke with a vision of an entirely different world from the one we know today.

  • Token-Curated Registries and Skin-in-the-Game Coins

    In this talk, David explores the world of token-curated registries and other emergent coin-based economies, giving examples and explaining the basic concepts of mechanism design.

  • Tokens and Tokenomics

    An entertaining talk on what tokens are and how they will change our world. This is David’s most requested talk.

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