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Exonomics, Longevity

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Areas of Expertise

Longevity  •  Finance  •  Blockchain  •  Cryptocurrency  •  Exonomics

About Elena

Elena Toufani is the co-author of the forthcoming book Exonomics which examines the impact of exponentially growing technologies on economics, policy and business models. She is the co-founder of T Labs, a Silicon Valley based launchpad for moonshot innovation, where she has overseen the launch of Longevity University (research and education institution focused on human life extension) and Reversopedia (the reverse encyclopedia of known unknowns). A Government of Canada-funded Futurepreneur, Elena has held prior research positions in macro-economics and quantitative trading at Seeb, behavioral neuroendocrinology at the University of British Columbia, and biosenescence and longevity at Revaux. She is a founding member of the Hedge Fund for the Poor, and was previously a Steering Committee Member of CREST/BD – a collaborative research platform at UBC. Elena is an advisor to startup projects focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, fintech, nano-biology, and artificial intelligence. She has degrees in political economy and psychology from Erasmus University and the University of British Columbia, and most recently, a nano-degree in deep learning (an artificial intelligence specialization) from Udacity.

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Speaking Topics

  • Digital Transformation – Best Practices in Future-Readiness

    How can companies best execute a digital transformation agenda? What does change management entail in an exponentially evolving world? In this session we will look at real world case studies of companies pursuing transformation and learn from their successes and failures. We will summarize best practices for transforming culture, management structure, and market-facing strategies, while keeping a close eye on boosting the organization’s adaptability.

  • Exonomics (Exponential Economics)

    Exponential technologies have profound effects on how economies function. Exponential Economics – or Exonomics – is the study of this emerging new world and its implications for individuals, businesses and governments. The talk covers unifying themes among disruptive trends in business strategy, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, economic policy, and risk management.

  • Exponential Banking & Finance

    This session focuses on the future of finance and banking in light of accelerating technological change and emerging exponential business models. We will survey present and anticipated technological shifts in the worlds of artificial intelligence, blockchain & other distributed ledgers, quantum computing, and more broadly fintech. We will also map out likely trajectories for disruptive threats and opportunities in this sector both for incumbents and startups, with special attention to adjacent innovation prospects for financial institutions with strong network effects and brand recognition.

  • Exponential Business Models

    We studied more than 250 businesses that have experienced exponential growth in recent years. In the process, we discovered layers of patterns commonly shared across these businesses that encompass their approach to organizational structure, leadership style, value proposition, delivery system, and adaptability and culture. In this lecture we summarize our findings and discuss how any business model has the potential to be transformed into an exponential one.

  • Exponential Capital – Investing in the Age of Exponentials

    Conventional paradigms of investing tend to underperform strategies informed by exponential technologies. In this session, we will review systemic shifts in the investment landscape driven by technological developments, Exonomics (Exponential Economics) and Exponential Business Models. We will explore capital allocation optimized for exponentials in multiple asset classes including: bonds, public equities, private equities, derivatives, real estate, currencies, commodities, crypto, and alternative vehicles.

  • Exponential Innovation – Shark Fin Theory

    The pace of technological change is accelerating. However, research shows that most leaders believe their teams do not innovate effectively, while most employees believe their organization will not survive technological disruption. In this session we will discuss how to apply Shark Fin Theory to bridge the current and future realities of the organization via a portfolio approach to innovation. Within this framework, we will pay special attention to principles of digital twinning, adjacent competencies, as well as retrocasting to future-proof the organization.

  • Exponential Policy – Governance in the Exponential Era

    How can policy makers best prepare for an exponentially changing world? In this session we will cover an original framework for optimizing policy decisions based on exponential technologies and principles of Exonomics (Exponential Economics). We will pay special attention to social, monetary, fiscal, industrial, international developmental, and financial policy choices, while reviewing recent examples of successful implementation.

  • Exponential Teams & Adaptive Intelligence

    The world is changing exponentially fast. This means that our ability to respond to change has become the strongest predictor of our success. In this session, we will discuss insights from a multi-year project examining the characteristics of exponential teams that operate at extreme efficiency, autonomy, and creativity. We will especially focus on the concept of AQ – Adaptability Quotient – and explore what affects our ability to respond to change as individuals and teams.

  • Future of Transportation

    The unprecedented growth and convergence of technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain have massive implications for the future of transportation. In this talk we will discuss the fast-emerging trends around autonomous vehicles, levitating trains, flying taxis, and subterraneous loops, while also exploring the long-term implications of this tsunami of change for how human societies will move, work, shop and live. We will conclude with actionable recommendations for technology development, business model strategy, and policy implementation.

  • Homo Vivus – The Path to Human Longevity

    For the first time in human history, radical life extension is no longer an impossible fantasy. Exponentially growing technologies such as artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology have given rise to a paradigm shift in human lifespan research that is beginning to turn science fiction into science fact. Current trends point to possible changes in human evolution, and the likely emergence of the Homo Vivus – humans with radically extended lifespans. This talk covers the cutting edge of research into human longevity and its massive socio-economic implications.

  • Introduction to Exponential Technologies & Accelerated Critical Thinking (ACT)

    The pace of technological progress is accelerating at an exponential rate. Fields of information technology, nanotechnology, solar technology, and biotechnology have seen more change in recent years than prior decades combined. Making sense of this rate of change requires a new framework for strategic thought. This session surveys recent technological developments and covers the topic of Accelerated Critical Thinking (ACT) as an action-oriented guideline for making sense of exponentially growing technologies.

  • Living Exponentially – The Five Principles

    The world is changing exponentially fast due to technological developments. Individuals, just like organizations, face disruptive dynamics that humanity has never experienced before. In this emotionally charged lecture, we will cover how we can live better in an exponential era. We will search for the guiding principles that have shaped the lives of those who are thriving in the age of exponentials. We will also ask what we should do, and not do, to live exponentially.

  • The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

    The field of AI is growing at an exponential pace. In this talk we will review some of the most impactful technological advancements in this domain. In addition to the cutting edge of AI research, we will also review major societal, ethical and economic implications of AI. Finally, we will discuss the business strategy around AI and how best to implement it in a corporate environment.

  • The Crypto-Blockchain-DLT Revolution

    Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them have been called the biggest innovation since the invention of the Internet. In this session, we will examine the accelerating growth of cryptocurrencies, crypto-assets, and the technology behind distributed ledgers. We will also look beyond the hype to focus on real-world applications, investment opportunities, as well as disruptive future scenarios for this technology.

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