Elie Losleben


Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership

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Areas of Expertise

Finance  •  GGC-Health  •  Leadership  •  Impact  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Human Potential  •  GGC-General

About Elie

Elie carries the perspective of a trained sociologist, entrepreneur and public health expert who has lived and worked in some of the most challenging and fastest growing economies in Asia and Africa. Singularity University recruited her to design programs that help startups and executives manage the stress of leadership while confronting exponential technological change. Her work across cultures and with vulnerable populations helps her to see opportunities for inclusion and culture building with organizations of all sorts.

She co-founded Code Innovation, more than ten years ago, to build and design high impact technologies to empower women and deepen the financial inclusion of people formerly excluded from the digital economy. One of her projects is now the world’s largest digital platform for women’s savings groups. Her work has received the funding and support of UNICEF, DFiD and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and directly contributes to the economic advancement of more than a dozen countries.

She recently moved to New Zealand with a Global Impact Visa as an Edmund Hillary Fellow.

Meet the EHF Fellows: Elie Losleben

"What will it take to have more women-led frontier tech companies succeed?" - Panel Discussion

What will it take Blockchain technology to go mainstream?

Speaking Topics

  • Keynote: Beyond Average: Inclusion & Technology (Available from 30 minutes to 90 minutes duration).

    When companies or governments take shortcuts to create one-size fits all technology systems, people pay the price. When a culturally homogenous set of designers and engineers guide product development the results can actually increase discrimination and inequality. This keynote uses gender as a lens for exploring the present and the future of technological progress. And it draws inspiration from female entrepreneurs, technologists, and changemakers all around the world—highlighting their achievements and distilling the lessons that can be learned from their successes. Throughout the keynote, attention is paid to actionable takeaways for businesses and business people.

  • Workshop: Connecting the Next Billion: A Financial Inclusion Experience (Available from 60 minutes to 150 minutes duration).

    Participants will learn about the difference between operating in the digital economy individually (as many digital natives currently do) and operating in the digital economy within groups, collectives or networks (a situation that will be familiar to the next wave of digital natives). Participants will deepen their understanding of technological strategies for extending the formal economy into the terrain of the informal economy such as digital identities, hyper-local currencies, and digital financial services. Participants will make connections with one another during targeted table discussions about a section of the global economy that is likely new to them.

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