Francisco Barreto Araujo

Guest Speaker

Policy, Law, Ethics

Areas of Expertise

Environment  •  Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics

About Francisco

Francisco Barreto Araujo is a social scientist from Rio de Janeiro. His competences include, integrating and coordinating multidisciplinary teams to address matters concerning science, technology and society. His work is based on the employment of historical, ethnographic, economic and sociological methods and theories to investigate a wide range of topics with the objective to create solutions to organizational and social problems by designing policies and programs.

Currently, he is Chief Innovation Oficer at Viva Rio. He has been a senior researcher and advisor at the Department of Public Policy Analysis of Fundation Getulio Vargas (DAPP-FGV), working as a consultant to various governmental agencies and departments, which focus on public management and transparency. He has recently co-authored “Immigration as Vector of Socioeconomic and Institutional Development of Brazil” (DAPP-FGV,2012).

During his professional career, he has worked as an Advisor to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, has acted as a collaborating expeditionary in the Genographic Project Brazil (National Geographic/IBM) and as general coordinator of an effort to assess impacts on indigenous territories, required to meet the governmental licensing process of the Jirau Hydropower Plant, in the State of Rondnia (having worked with different indigenous ethnical groups, among which are the Kaxarari, Oro-Wari’ and Uru-eu-wau-wau). He has taught in the “New Ways of Thinking” program at the Perestroika Creative School.
Francisco has a multidisciplinary background, with a Ph.D. in History of Science and Technology & Epistemology(COPPE/IQ/IM-UFRJ), a M.Phil. in Social Anthropology (MN-UFRJ), a Masters in International Management (IAE-Grenoble II) and an MBA in Marketing (PUC-RJ). He has participated in Singularity University’s Executive Course, in an Executive Leadership Course on Policies for Early Childhood Development (Harvard University) and he is trained in Environmental Impact Evaluation (LACEEP).

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