Fred Weber

Guest Speaker

Chief Technology Officer, TidalScale

Areas of Expertise

Networks & Computing Systems

About Fred

Fred has three main areas of interest and experience: – Team formation and management, especially for start ups: Fred enjoys working with executive management, investors and engineering teams to help develop strong organizations with aggressive and effective work culture. Having been a working engineer, an engineering manager, a CTO, a CEO, an investor and a board member Fred can often help people from disparate backgrounds better understand each other and work together. And he enjoys challenging and inspiring teams. – Product definition: Fred has extensive experience working with technical teams, customers and marketing organizations to define products and product roadmaps with particular attention both to short term needs and very long term (decade) trends. – Detailed hardware and software design engineering: Fred has extensive experience with CPU and SOC design, CAD tools, Operating System and general software design and development and he enjoys engaging at a detailed level on design issues. He rarely codes these days, but does still play around a bit. At AMD Fred was the co-lead of the development of the AMD Athlon processor and the leader of the development of the Opteron Processor. As CTO, he evangelized the x86-64 alternative to Intel’s IA-64 (Itanium) architecture and developed the “X86 everywhere” strategy which anticipated the importance of the consumer electronics (phone, TV, tablet) segments. Fred began his career working with Gordon Bell and Steve Frank at Encore Computer Corporation, where he focused on parallel software development. Later, as a member of the founding team of Kendall Square Research, he participated in all aspects of hardware design including the development of CAD methodologies, the invention of the AllCache memory system, the architecture and design of the CPU and the multiprocessor verification environment. Fred is co-inventor of numerous patents

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