Gabriel Baldinucci

SU Staff

Executive Director, Exponential Families

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About Gabriel

Gabriel works across the organization in a number of capacities. He works closely with the CEO to develop and implement SU’s overall strategy, including growth, structure, corporate development, M&A, and international expansion. Gabriel also works closely with different business units on product strategy and new product development. Additionally, he focuses on strategic issues, projects, and challenges across the organization to ensure the success of SU’s overall plan and mission.

Gabriel was previously a Vice President on the new ventures team at Sir Richard Branson’s’ Virgin Group. During his five-year tenure, Gabriel often worked directly with Mr. Branson and conceived and developed new business opportunities in health and wellness, travel, retail, IT services, and media. Gabriel was most recently a Managing Director at Palm Ventures in Greenwich, CT and his past experience also includes two years with Goldman Sachs’ Investment Management Division in New York.

Gabriel started his entrepreneurial career in high school by founding and successfully selling a local pizza restaurant chain. He has been quoted in Forbes Magazine, and his work on entrepreneurship has been published by the Family Office Association. He is personally an investor or advisor for several startup companies, and he holds a BA in Economics from Duke University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Speaking Topics

  • Becoming an Exponential Family

    Family members collaborate while running family businesses, making family investments, and overseeing philanthropic activities. What happens when some family members see the future differently than the others do? How can family members avoid emerging risks and take advantage of opportunities presented by technological change if other key family members don’t share the same foundational understanding of the trends driving disruption? In this session, we will hear one family’s difficult journey to reinvent its family business for the future, and discuss how other families can avoid the challenges that they had to overcome.

  • Exponential Family Strategy & Action Planning

    After several days of exploring exponential technologies, frameworks, examples, and thinking about your family’s MTP, this session is about putting it all together and constructing a family strategy that will kick off a new wave of family impact, learning, significance, and success. Working in your family group, you will discuss who in the family also needs to be brought up to speed on what you have learned, which technologies may impact your current business and activities, and where the opportunities are. You will then narrow down your opportunities to several specific innovation projects and identify your next steps to take when you go back home.

  • Investing in the Singularity

    As technologies disrupt industries, companies are realizing and reacting at different levels, and at different speeds. As an investor, how do you understand which companies in your investment portfolio will be able to position themselves to benefit from this change, vs. the ones that will be the victims of it? Moreover, are traditional investment managers in the financial services industry even set up to track these changes appropriately? The financial services industry itself is being disrupted and in this session we will hear from different investment managers taking innovative approaches to tracking disruption in public market companies.

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