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About Greg

Greg Larkin is a global authority on entrepreneurial transformations in large organizations. His clients include Google, Uber, PWC, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, and others.

He served as global head of innovation of Bloomberg, the director of enterprise product strategy for the Google – PwC alliance, and has launched over 33 new products across the Fortune 500.

Greg was recognized in 2019 and 2020 by Thinkers 360 as the world’s foremost thought leader on Agile and Digital Transformation. He is the best-selling author of “This Might Get Me Fired” which was a best-seller in the United States, Chile, Germany, and the UK. In 2006 he was the first person to publicly predict the 2008 financial crisis.

Why Entrepreneurship Thrives In Some Companies (And Fails Everywhere Else)

Speaking Topics

  • Punks and Pinstripes: The Secret Society of Exponential Intrapreneurship

    Inside of every huge company there’s a dormant volcano of intrapreneurs waiting to be activated, waiting to disrupt the status quo, waiting to create an innovation inflection point. But they often keep their heads down, follow the formula, and try not make too many waves. In this talk Greg Larkin brings us into the room where bold intrapreneurs refuse to slow down and defer their dreams. He shares stories from Google, PwC, and Bloomberg where a new generation of leaders find their voice, build community, and create an exponential inflection point for their company, their market and themselves.

  • The Future of Consumer Goods: The Exponential Growth of Analog Products

    For many years the biggest food and beverage companies have been trapped in an unsustainable innovation cycle. New companies (like Blue Bottle) establish new categories (like Kombucha) that steal market share from legacy brands. Large companies respond by acquiring the disruptor, superimposing their own hierarchical management system, and then subsequently squeezing the growth out of a once vibrant startup. Then they have to make another acquisition. The inability of large consumer goods companies to organically catalyze exponential growth remains its Achilles Heel. The CPG company which breaks this cycle will redefine the industry. In this talk Greg Larkin pulls from his experience incubating disruptive products with Nestle, VSPT, and others and shares how to catalyze exponential growth from the inside of large consumer goods companies.

  • The Future of Work in Big Finance

    The cost of not innovating in finance has never been higher. From robo-advisors to trading automation, startups are following the disruption of digital consumer banks and winning market share from investment banks and broker-dealers. The challenge for legacy financial institutions is more cultural than it is technological. The norms of corporate hierarchy in huge banks repel many of the entrepreneurs who are mission critical for their future. Many of the most disruptive fintech startups were founded by technologists who left big banks. In this talk, Greg Larkin, shares his experience launching digital products at Bloomberg, RiskMetrics, MSCI, and E*Trade. He shares how huge financial institutions can create a culture where entrepreneurs thrive and catalyze exponential growth.

  • Why Some Entrepreneurs Thrive In Huge Companies (And Most Don't)

    Every hypergrowth, million-dollar breakthrough launched by a huge company almost always begins with an entrepreneur who nearly got fired. But too often we only see the ribbon cutting ceremony. We see the jump in stock price. But we don’t know who the actual intrapreneur is, and we don’t know how they built it. Until now. In this talk Greg Larkin, best-selling author of ‘This Might Get Me Fired’ takes us into the room where astounding innovations are launched in huge companies.

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