Hasina Kharbhih

Guest Speaker

Speaker, Policy, Law, Ethics

Areas of Expertise

Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics  •  Security

About Hasina

Hasina Kharbhih created the nationally and internationally acknowledged Meghalaya Model, a comprehensive tracking system that successfully brings together the state government, security agencies, legal groups, media, and citizen organizations to combat the cross-border trafficking of children in the porous Northeastern states of India. She has been involved in the social sector since 1987, when as a student at St. Joseph Convent School in Shillong she participated in the Leadership Training Services (LTS) program that encouraged the teens to volunteer weekend time for charity work. After graduating from the school, she and many LTS alumni continued to volunteer and also began critically documenting their experiences. Through these experiences, she and the other LTS alumni laid the groundwork for Impulse. At the same time that Kharbhih and others started Impulse, she supported herself through teaching and writing for local, regional and national newspapers and other media on a variety of topics, from lifestyle and fashion pieces to analyses of social issues. Kharbhih has also published four collections of poetry.

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