Jack Sim

Guest Speaker

Founder at World Toilet Organization

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship  •  Crowdsourcing  •  GGC-Prosperity  •  GGC-Water  •  Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics

About Jack

Jack Sim is the founder of the Restroom Association of Singapore and World Toilet Organization. Formerly in the construction industry, he left to found the Toilet Organization in 2001. For “creating good will and bringing the subject into the open” and “mobilizing national support in providing on-the-ground expertise” he received the Schwab Foundation award for Social Entrepreneur of the Year, also in 2001. He was elected a Fellow of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public in 2007, and as of Fall 2007 he was assisting in the United Nations plans for the International Year of Sanitationin 2008. Jack was named one of the Heroes of the Environment for 2008 by Time magazine. He broke the global taboo of toilet and sanitation by bringing it to global media centre-stage with his unique mix of humour and serious facts since 2001. After attaining financial independence at age of 40 as a businessman, he decided to devote the rest of his life to social work.

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