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Space, Digital Manufacturing

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Areas of Expertise

Space-Industry  •  Digital Manufacturing

About Jason

Jason Dunn is an international pioneer in the fields of commercial space, digital manufacturing, and disruptive technologies. In 2014 he was recognized by Forbes on the prestigious “30 Under 30” list.

Jason is the Co-Founder of Made In Space, Inc. (MIS), which is best known for being the first organization to manufacture off Earth. Since conception, MIS has led the aerospace industry in leveraging space manufacturing technology to enable new space missions.

Dunn believes that to solve the worlds biggest problems we must break free from the limits to growth found on our finite planet and move humanity’s footprint into space.

Jason Dunn and Extra Terrestrial MFG | XMFG | Singularity University

Speaking Topics

  • A Brief History of Space Manufacturing

    A Brief History of Space Manufacturing – In this talk Jason tells the story of the half-century long quest to bring manufacturing to space as well as the story of how his team at Made In Space finally made it happen in 2014. These stories are provide the footing to end on a vision of the future for space exploration.

  • How New Manufacturing Processes in Space Will Disrupt Industries on Earth

    Discover How New Manufacturing Processes in Space Will Disrupt Industries on Earth

    The way in which we explore space has remained nearly unchanged for the last half century, during which the entirety of space has been reserved primarily for government programs and data transmission services. This is all primed to change with the advent of new industrial processes.

    Space may seem like the last place to expect to find a new way of industrialization, but that is exactly where it is happening. Just as the literal barriers of entry to space are falling down, innovators are finding that the space environment holds promise for changing the way goods are produced and transported.

    Jason Dunn explores how new industrial processes in space will massively impact Earth’s economies in the near future, and just how humanity may finally settle the space frontier.

    In this talk, you will:
    – Explore what’s in the recipe for a new industrial revolution
    – Discover how new processing techniques unlock new industries
    – Understand how the development and industrialization of space may hold the answer for solving many of humanity’s grand challenges on Earth
    – Learn how the unique aspects of the space environment can be used to produce new products and how this could transform a variety of industries
    – Envision a future in which Earth is not the only place humans live

  • Space For Earth

    Space For Earth – In this talk Jason focusses on the value of making things in space that are needed on Earth. The talk focusses on the unique aspects of the space environment that open new doors for manufacturing and materials processing. Several examples are charted out that show a future where most of the worlds goods could come from space. Talk length – 20-30 mins

  • The Future Of Making Things

    The Future Of Making Things – In this talk Jason introduces the concept of off-world manufacturing by asking the audience the question, “Is a planetary surface the best place for our advancing industrial needs.” He makes a strong case for the necessity to transition planetary manufacturing and industrial processes to space through engaging stories about his company, Made In Space as well as historical examples of disruption and manufacturing innovations. This talk is meant to engage the audience in the power of out of the box thinking that led to the creation of Made In Space, while showing a vision for the future that solves humanities grand challenges. Talk length – 30-60 mins

  • Where Next Columbus?

    Where Next Columbus? – This is a pure space talk. Jason details where we have been in space exploration and where we are headed. He explains the challenges we face in exploring space and how exponential technologies are going to be the key driver in disrupting our presence in space so that one day soon everyone can have a chance to go. From virtual reality to synthetic biology, new technological advancements are happening now that radically change the way we explore space.

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