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About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Rogers, Principal Facilitator at Singularity University, is a multi-modal educator and conversation host. Since 2017, he’s been a top moderator of the SU Executive Program and International Summits, and he frequently speaks and leads workshops globally on future thinking, creative problem solving, and leadership.

Jeffrey regularly connects dots, ideas, and people for Fortune 500 companies and has recently dropped in as a guest lecturer and workshop facilitator at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the Empowerment Summit in Lausanne, and the Stanford d.School.

Before joining SU, he spent a decade building learning and development solutions, consulting on a few early digital learning startups, delivering immersive leadership programs in the High Sierra and on SF Bay, and working as a pop culture journalist.

Jeff is a social scientist by training (University of Texas, UC Berkeley) with abiding interests in environmental history and human ecology, a knack for future thinking, and a deep belief in the transformative potential of emerging technologies as tools to de-risk experimentation, accelerate learning, and create change.

Highlights - Intro to Exponentials

Foro GO2 - Parte 5 - "Tecnología disruptiva en los modelos de negocio"

Speaking Topics

  • Adaptive Practices for Creative Leadership

    What do an evolving context and an increasingly complex decision-making environment demand of today’s (and tomorrow’s) leaders? What are the practices and habits of mind that support adaptability, sense-making, and effective leadership in an exponential world and ever-shifting risk universe? Dig into the ideas of mindset, becoming, and complexity in a session designed to upgrade the tool-user in tandem with the evolving technological toolset.

  • Introduction to Exponential Thinking

    What does it mean to live in an era of accelerating change, previously unimaginable technological and creative power, and widespread and systemic disruption? To prepare ourselves to not only survive but thrive in this rapidly evolving world, we must learn to think exponentially, to practice future-mindedness, and to engage critically and carefully with design choices that will have far-reaching and cascading implications as we leverage tools and build systems that can advance and scale with unprecedented speed.

    If we can learn to recognize the transformative opportunities implicit in the powers bestowed by exponentially advancing technologies, then we can bend the arc of accelerating change toward the better tomorrow that we imagine. We can develop the growth mindset, the 21st-century skillset, and the purposeful network to enable us to meaningfully co-create the future rather than simply letting the future be a thing that happens to us.

  • Mapping Possible Futures

    Take a collaborative and systems-based approach to working from the known to the unknown in an interactive session. Identify 1st- and possible 2nd/3rd-order implications of transformative developments and trends while exploring unintended consequences, points of convergence, and the dynamics of disruption from unusual places.

  • Narrative Power in an Exponential Future

    Explore the power of storytelling, the storyteller, and the storytelling organization in an exponential world where the scope of our possible futures is defined by the narratives we share and inhabit. Reflect on your personal and organizational journey and begin crafting the new narrative that will allow you to create meaning, share your learning/purpose/vision, and build the partnerships you’ll need to create the future you want.

  • The Futures Wheel - Mapping Possible Futures

    Take a collaborative and systematic approach to working from the known to the unknown. Identify 1st- and possible 2nd-order implications of transformative developments and trends. Explore unintended consequences, points of convergence, and the dynamics of disruption from unusual places.

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