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Areas of Expertise

Opener / Closer  •  Moderator  •  Leadership  •  GGC-Learning  •  Future of Learning  •  Facilitator  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Exponentials  •  Exponential Organizations  •  Design Thinking  •  Abundance

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Rogers, Principal Facilitator at Singularity University, brings an interdisciplinary and systems-oriented approach to exploring the question of what it means to live and to lead in an era of accelerating change.

Jeffrey is a multi-modal educator and conversation catalyst–a speaker, facilitator, and program designer who creates unique learning experiences driven by storytelling, engagement, and play. In his work with Singularity University, he regularly connects dots and ideas for Fortune 500 companies and C-Level audiences as a frequent moderator of immersive executive education programs and large international summits. He has also been featured as a guest lecturer and facilitator at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, and the Empowerment Summit (at ECAL in Lausanne). He was the host of Brand Minds 2019 in Bucharest and regularly collaborates with Pascal Finette’s be radical group.

Before joining Singularity, Jeffrey spent a decade building learning and development solutions, consulting on a couple of e-learning startups, and designing and delivering experiential youth leadership programs. He’s a social scientist by training (UC Berkeley, UT Austin) and a future-thinker–with abiding interests in leadership, human ecology & complexity–by calling.

Creative Leadership & Adaptive Practices

Intro to Exponential Thinking

Speaking Topics

  • Narrative Power for Organizational Leaders (Workshop)

    Explore the power of narrative, storytellers, and storytelling organizations in an exponential world where the scope of possible futures is defined by the narratives we share and inhabit. Building a compelling and inclusive narrative can create space for teams to try/learn new things and can help to steer an organization away from short-termism, complacency, and the dead-end diminishing returns promised by valuing efficiency above all else. Reflect on your personal and organizational journey and begin crafting the new narrative that will help you ignite purpose, create meaning, and build the culture & partnerships you’ll need to create the future you want.

  • Navigating the Complex Future (Workshop)

    How can leaders adapt to a world of accelerating change and increasing complexity? After laying out key concepts and themes, we’ll explore this big question kinaesthetically in a game designed to plunge the players into a complex adaptive system faced with an evolving threat. Participants will be pushed to a new understanding not only of the principles of complexity but also of how they show up as leaders and team members operating in novel problem-solving environments with incomplete information and limited power to control outcomes.

  • The Future is Exponential

    A crash course in future-thinking and sense-making for an age of systemic disruption and technology-driven change. Identify the limitations of outmoded mindsets and mental models in the new era and learn to apply a set of powerful new heuristics and lenses to the project of anticipating and designing the future. After upgrading from linear thinking to an exponential mindset, we’ll take a quick tour of key emerging technologies and trends and explore the opportunities and challenges posed by each for leaders, innovators, and change agents.

  • The Futures Wheel (Workshop)

    Take a collaborative and systematic approach to mapping possible futures by working from the Known and venturing into the Unknown. Identify 1st- and 2nd-order implications cascading from transformative developments and trends. Explore unintended consequences, points of convergence, dependent and contingent relationships, and the dynamics of disruption from unusual places and walk away with an easy-to-use tool for future exploration.

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