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Jim Stolze


Intro to Exponentials, Moderator

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Areas of Expertise

Facilitator  •  Moderator  •  Artificial Intelligence

About Jim

Jim Stolze is the founder of Aigency, a platform that enables Artificial Intelligence experiments for corporates, using algorithms and software created by PHD’s, hackers and startups.

After studying at VU University Amsterdam, Stolze earned his MBA from the Lemniscaat Business School. The master’s thesis in which he researched the relationship between Internet Usage and Well-being caught international attention and was featured on CNN.

After a visit to the TED conference in 2008 Jim Stolze became an active leader in the TEDx community. Under his leadership dozens of events have taken place under the brand of TEDxAmsterdam with an international cast of speakers and innovative ad campaigns. He also played an active part in TEDxBinnenhof, TEDxAruba, TEDxMaastricht, TEDxMuscat and many TEDxYouth events. In 2012 he moved for five months to Doha (Qatar) to work for TED and the Doha Film Institute and help set up an organization that fosters TED’s mission of ‘ideas worth spreading’.

In 2016 -together with his team- he organized the biggest match making event for startups, investors, corporates and developers. Startup Fest Europe took place between 24 – 28 May 2016 and featured speakers like Tim Cook (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Alphabet), Travis Kalanick (Uber) and Nathan Blecharczyk (AirBnB).

Since 2017 he also teaches Entrepreneurship in Data Science at the University of Amsterdam (Uva) and JADS in Tilburg.

SingularityU The Netherlands Summit 2017 - Jim Stolze

Who's afraid of artificial intelligence? | Jim Stolze | TEDxAmsterdam

Jim Stolze - Get Into The Future Event 2017

Connecting Boundless Minds: Jim Stolze, entrepreneur in residence at Amsterdam Science Park

Who's Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Speaking Topics

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence has been around for more than 60 years. So why is it hyping now? And why is this the best possible time for companies to think of an AI-strategy? Jim Stolze explains in a clear way how AI and Machine Learning can be applied in every industry. He draws from his own experience, having launched a platform with more than 50 useful artificial intelligence applications for multinationals and NGO’s.

  • Introduction to Exponentials

    In a completely new overview (per March 2017) Jim Stolze takes the audience on a journey across the latest insights on exponentially growing technologies. Where are they, where are they going and what does that mean? With every application Jim Stolze points how this relates to the Global Grand Challenges or how it illustrates the “moon shot thinking” that SU is famous for.

  • The future of ethics in an AI first world

    In an interactive session Jim Stolze brings a series of moral dilemmas to the stage. He explains how others have dealt with them (for example the Responsible Data Science Initiative) or invites people from the audience to participate in a fun debate with a serious undertone. Two groups will discuss if or when machines will understand morality and how we can make sure that we won’t be governed by Skynet one day.

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