Joao Mil Homens


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Areas of Expertise

Education  •  Corporate Innovation  •  GGC-Governance

About Joao

João Mil-Homens is a Singularity University expert in Education, Governance & Innovation. He is an Environmental Engineer with a degree from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, with a Masters and PhD in Planning, Governance and Globalization from Virginia Tech.

He is currently the Head of Innovation for Grupo José de Mello where he connects innovative startups with José de Mello Group companies in win-win partnerships.

At Singularity University, his commitment is to increase the awareness of exponential technologies among Portuguese organizations.

João managed several European funded projects related to knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. At FCT (Science and Technology Foundation) and ANI (National Innovation Agency), he was the National Delegate for the European Commission’s Horizon2020 research and innovation funding program. He has strong ties with the European Commission and is well connected with top researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe.

Speaking Topics

  • Exponential Portugal

    In a tech-world in exponential change, the role of the disruptive innovators and the paradigm changers is of critical importance. Those who dare to challenge the norms and dream of creating global impact are the new leaders of the exponential times. Often disguised as common individuals, these modern day explorers unleash the power of exponential technologies to solve problems that drive tremendous social and economic impact. What we ignore is that these radical disruptors are often hidden among us and rarely receive the recognition or praise their courage and resilience deserves.
    This talk takes the participants through a journey of Exponential Technologies through the lenses of Portuguese disruptive innovators – researchers and entrepreneurs who are driving change and developing technological solutions with the potential to change the world, right on our door steps. Participants will create a new vision of leadership and take on the challenges that can bring incredible success and fulfilment.

  • Intro to Exponentials

    The world is changing at an incredible pace, powered by the emergence of new technologies that are increasingly available at declining costs. As technology evolves exponentially, businesses are often stuck in linear mindsets, failing to take on their digital transformation, missing on massive opportunities, and ultimately lacking the sense of urgency that is critical for their survival. This talk provides an introduction to the cornerstones of Singularity University, that will allow individuals and organizations to adopt the mindset that will drive the future of their businesses. Participants will explore critical concepts of exponential technologies, applying exponential thinking and the 6Ds of disruption framework, to create possibilities of abundance, unleash their Massive Transformative Purposes, drive growth of exponential organizations, and answer society’s greatest challenges.

  • Solving the Global Grand Challenges through Exponential Technologies

    This talk explores how Exponential Thinking and a Mindset of Abundance will enable us to address society’s greatest challenges. Innovators all around the world are using exponential technologies to deliver tremendous social and economic impact in critical areas such as health, food, energy, or education, ensuring that basic needs are met for all people, sustaining and improving quality of life, and mitigating future risks. Participants will explore their Massive Transformative Purpose and take on Moonshots to drive their pursuit for radical new ideas that challenge the status quo and drive tremendous growth and fulfillment at an individual and organizational levels.

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