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AR/VR, Design Thinking

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Areas of Expertise

SciFi  •  Facilitator  •  Moderator  •  Design Thinking  •  Virtual Reality  •  Augmented Reality  •  Synthesis  •  Opener / Closer  •  Impact  •  Human Potential  •  GGC-General  •  Future of Work  •  Future of Learning  •  Future Forecasting  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Disruption  •  Customer Experience  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Convergence

About Jody

Jody creates superhumans, not supercomputers. Rather than teaching humans the right buttons to push, she uses cognitive computing (AI, AR/VR, robotics, sensors, etc) to make tech understand humans. The resulting tools dramatically extend, augment, and amplify human abilities and are as easy to control as our own bodies. She might read too much Batman but in her 23-year design career, Jody has created just about everything from AI and holograms to robots and R&D. Her most notable work includes UX design for DARPA’S Big Dog, Principal Experience Designer on the HoloLens Project at Microsoft, HMI for Toyota’s AiCar, and Director of Design for Singularity University Labs. Today, she works in Microsoft’s Office of the CTO as Principal Design Researcher and is the founder and CEO of Superhuman-X, working to define the future of human-machine interface (HMI) through radical inclusion by leveraging brain-machine interface, sensors, robotics, AI, and AR/VR. She travels around the world speaking about the future of these technologies and their impact on humanity for groups like WIRED, Google, and TEDx.

Designing The Future | Exponential Manufacturing

Becoming Superhumans

Singularity University: "Making Superhumans: The future of HMI" #DIGILITY17

Extended Reality

Extended Reality | SingularityU South Africa Summit

Industry 4.0 I SingularityU Czech Summit 2019 | Singularity University

Augmented Inclusion - SingularityU Canada Summit 2019

Will technology make us SUPERHUMAN? | Jody Medich | TEDxKlagenfurt

Speaking Topics

  • D4X: Design for Exponentials

    If technologies are evolving exponentially, and the rate of change is accelerating, how do you create innovations that keep you ahead of the curves instead of disrupted? The design team at Singularity University has developed their own special brand of design thinking to help you do just that. Jody will explain how linear thinking produces incremental innovation, and introduce the D4X framework designed to generate moonshot innovation through Impact, Science Fiction, and Prototyping.

  • Industrial Revolution 4.0: Augmented Humans and the Future of Work

    The Industrial Revolution will bring a massive disruption around the world. 3 in 5 jobs is set to be disrupted. The hardest hit will be women and low wage, low skill workers. They won’t be alone. Millions of skilled workers around the world will see a large portion of their jobs automated as well. That will create a lot of vacant jobs as “skilled work” takes on new meaning, and the remaining workers age out. It also creates a massive opportunity for augmenting low wage, low skill workers to do much more advanced tasks with next to no training. To start, we must create new computing tools powerful enough to do those more advanced tasks, but simple enough that anyone could pick it up and rapidly become expert. Jody will discuss how to leverage radical inclusion, augmentation, and ergonomics to build these tools.

  • Making Superhumans through Radical Inclusion

    Human Machine Interface trains humans to push or say the right buttons in the right order to operate supercomputers. As those supercomputers get smarter and smarter, our HMI is killing our ability to do the deep creative thinking our minds are designed to do. HMI is due for a massive disruption. To do that, we have to follow Clayton Christensen’s advice and look for a downward market. With nearly 4 billion people in poverty around the world, and another billion people with disabilities, Jody will show how an approach of radical inclusion and cognitive ergonomics will help all of us be superhumans, not supercomputers.

    1. Understanding of issues in today’s human machine interface that can be solved through cognitive ergonomics in order to amplify and extend brain power.
    2. How to combine physical and cognitive ergonomics to make Superhumans, not supercomputers.
    3. Why the only way to get to Superhumans is through radical Inclusion of differently abled people and the 4 billion “have-nots” around the globe.

  • Robots and Humans

    Until very recently, robots and humans could not work side by side. The technology was not able to “see” humans, which made it very unsafe for us to intermingle with robots. Massive developments in sensors and artificial intelligence have finally changed that, removing the need for the clear line of demarkation between human and machine. Jody will discuss different frameworks for interacting with intelligent robotics, and the powerful impact those collaborations can unleash.

  • SciFiDI: Using Science Fiction to Generate Exponential Innovation

    Science Fiction has influenced Science Fact over and over again. Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek Communicator directly led to the development of Motorola’s break through Flip Phone. A young Steve Jobs saw Space Odyssey 2001 and was determined to create Hal (know to us today as “Siri”) and smart tablets. Jody will describe the process created by Singularity University labs to leverage Science Fiction to generate similar massive breakthroughs for your own organization, and how people like you have used it successfully to do just that.

  • The Future of Human Machine Interface: Superhuman HMI

    Our current method of interacting with technology, or HMI, is literally killing us and our ability to think. It must change to keep up with exponential leaps forward in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Robotics, and Smart Homes. Jody will discuss the issues with our current model, and how we can use perceptual computing to dramatically improve ease of use. She’ll introduce an entirely new model for interacting with tech that allows users to control tech with their minds and bodies, just like Superhumans. She’ll describe what is needed to make Superhuman HMI, the amazing Superhuman abilities we gain as a result, and how close this is to becoming an everyday reality.

  • The Future of Work: Impact of Exponential Technologies on Productivity

    It’s not a question of if Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics, and other exponential technologies will affect the workforce, but when. Jody will discuss how each of these technologies take on tasks that humans have done, what has changed to make this happen, and describe the positive and negative impacts it will have on the workforce. Then she’ll describe how partnering with these technologies can be leveraged to give us Superhuman abilities to accomplish our most lofty goals, and how you can start to build those opportunities right now.

  • Welcome to the Superhuman Era: The Future of Human Machine Interface

    Discover How the Future of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Will Expand Human Abilities

    The essence of how we interact with technology has sadly not changed much in decades. In most cases, we still interact with our gadgets in similar ways as we did with last century’s unwieldy machines, before computers revolutionized the way we work, play and live.

    In fact, the way we interact with technology is desperately outdated and primed for a revolutionary overhaul on the grandest scale. In the future we’re entering, tech will learn to speak to us so naturally that the process will become transparent, all the while empowering us by harnessing our brain’s innate cognitive abilities.

    With the information from this talk, you will:
    – Envision the abundant future of HMI
    – Learn how increasingly developed Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) will eliminate many of the time-killing steps required to get what we want from our tech, bridging the gap between intent and result.
    – Cultivate a baseline understanding of cognitive ergonomics and how it functions
    – Understand and incorporate ideas about how horizon technologies will offer us assisted mental capacity for healing ourselves, visualizing success for creating real-life results, and cultivating the surprising kind of mental powers that were previously the domain of science fiction

  • XR: Extending Reality with Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality

    Extended reality is the spectrum of immersion from Augmented to Virtual Reality. Jody will provide an overview of all of the different technologies, what they’re each good for, how they work with our brains, and how rapidly the market is expected to grow. Next, she’ll discuss the implications of these technologies on humanity, and how they unleash truly Superhuman abilities.

  • XR & the Future of Human Machine Interface

    Extended reality is the spectrum of immersion from augmented to virtual reality. Jody will provide an overview of all of the different technologies, what they’re each good for, how they work with our brains, and how rapidly the market is expected to grow. Next, she’ll discuss the implications of these technologies on humanity, and how they unleash truly superhuman abilities.

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