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AI and EI in Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Cross-cultural Awareness

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Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Design Thinking  •  Facilitator  •  Future of Learning  •  Leadership  •  Impact  •  Moderator

About Jos

Jos Dirkx is an award-winning media and communications advisor, global speaker, author and world-traveler. Originally from The Netherlands, Jos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has since lived in twelve countries across the world, having visited near 100. Jos is passionate about telling stories that change the world: whether through the arts, by creating content that challenges the status quo, or through creativity and EdTech.

Jos is the founder of an award-winning NGO, Girls & Football SA and the CEO of Meet Anna, which focuses on human-based tech design. She is currently focusing on Beenova AI, an AI and EI infused learning platform to develop 21st century skills.

Having spent her early childhood across Bangladesh and Senegal, Jos has launched various organizations, initiatives and movements to challenge inequality, to increase global access to accurate education and to drive diversity and inclusion. She strongly believes everyone deserves access to accurate education and strives to make this happen by integrating socially conscious content with the world’s most advanced tech platforms, and through workshops, training sessions and educational content. Jos works with global corporates, individuals and forward- thinking initiatives to bring this work to life.

Jos is an experienced, international speaker who can meet audiences where they need to be met, with an ability to talk about the global grand challenges with easy. Her international upbringing and travel background makes her a vibrant, honest and inspiring speaker.

Jos has delivered two TEDx talks, founded an award-winning not-for-profit organization and runs a creative communications consultancy. Her drive to build equal societies has taken her around the world and she seeks to develop creative ways to share the world’s most beautiful and diverse stories with multicultural audiences. Jos has spent time in South Sudan and Eritrea with the United Nations and has led workshops and training sessions across Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Jos works across London, Johannesburg, Dubai and New York with various global clients on creative communications through technology, creativity and education.

Jos co-founded of Beenova AI, which challenges traditional education by leveraging AI, EI and phenomenon-based learning to develop lifelong, personalized learning journeys. Beenova AI leverages the latest NLP and recommendation algorithms to understand the emotional state of a student and deliver dynamic personalized content. Jos also co-launched mGirls, a mobile health app that delivered free daily health texts to over 65,00 girls in South Africa. Jos believes the creative use of technology is a crucial element in re-thinking education and believes the strategic use of technology combined with sensory-based learning and value-based learning can change the world.

Jos Dirkx

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Speaking Topics

  • AI and EI and Inclusive Education

    How to use technology in building inclusive learning futures

    The rise of inclusive tech is hugely important for our global future – we’re not only responsible for aggregating and sharing inclusive data, we are responsible for building products and AI that tell accurate stories.

    How do we leverage AI to decrease bias and increase diversity and diverse voices?

    This dynamic and insightful talk focuses on how we can leverage inclusive algorithms to leverage global voices.

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, change-makers

  • Cross-Cultural Awareness

    Managing mindfulness around the world.

    It’s hard to get cultural nuances right every single time. Even more so, we sometimes fail to prepare before making moves in a new country – whether we are setting up a new business, hosting a talk or closing a deal. Cultural awareness has to be a natural and engrained part of our day-to-day.

    In this talk, using funny, real and relevant examples, I will show you how you can prioritize cross-cultural awareness to make a positive impression, no matter where in the world you are.

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, NGOs, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, team-building initiatives, decision-makers, change-makers

  • Gender: The Truth Behind a No-Boundary Approach

    When Men Are Left Behind and Women Don’t Need ‘Empowerment’

    The gender conversation is one-sided, outdated and feels irrelevant to many. But, if you can’t be what you can’t see, change is hard to come by. This talk looks at how to work across the gender spectrum to maximize human potential.

    Rather than focusing on ‘female’ empowerment, I build an inclusive space that shows why and how working on a gender spectrum ends up benefiting us all. Both women and men benefit from this session!

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs

  • Girls Do Good: Leadership, Inspiration and Changing the World for Kids

    Attention real-life superheroes! Let’s use real-life stories to bring change to the world!

    For all the world-changers out there…are you ready to be the superhero of your own story? Then, let’s build an interactive session together that looks at how you can build out your dreams and get inspired by kids around the world who have made their own dreams come true.

    Tell your teacher you want to change the world and to give me a call – let’s create world-change together!

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: Little world-changers, classrooms, kids’ communities, and budding entrepreneurs

  • Making Diversity Work

    Actioning the global diversity and inclusion need – across the board

    We read about it. We hear about it. We understand the urgency and we know we have to do something about the lack of diversity – across the board. But, how do we really get to the root diversity and inclusion and how do we make inclusive efforts and thinking work across organizations, communities, and schools?

    The challenges in diversity and inclusion are hard to pinpoint, yet even harder to correct – in this talk, I illustrate how small changes yield extraordinary results when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, change-makers

  • Sounding as Smart as You Are: An Interactive Session on Public Speaking

    How to make a lasting impression and get your message right.

    Get to the heart of energetic awareness so that your message inspires, influences and creates change. In this interactive session, you learn the skills required to speak in public with confidence and clarity.

    We will look at practical ways in which you can manage your nerves, conquer your fears and feel more confident – all to leave a lasting impact.

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, change-makers.

  • The Future of Learning

    What our future holds for global learning systems

    Learning is deeply personal. Education – informal or formal, school or street, at work or in the classroom – builds our collective, human potential.

    There is no space more important to disrupt – our world depends on education for strong mindsets, healthy bodies, expansive thinking, and responsible relationships – even responsible relationships with the technology we’re building (technology that is learning exponentially faster than we are!). Education is more important than ever.

    During this talk, I focus on how technology can exponentially change the future of learning, at ways in which education is currently being disrupted, and I highlight advanced technology for schools and corporates to leverage in the learning journeys.

    Time: 45-90 minutes. Suited to: Executives, HR, educators, school owners, school district leaders, International Baccalaureate program directors, anybody who loves learning.

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