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Areas of Expertise

eLearning & Gamebased Learning  •  Education

About Kyriakos

Kyriakos Koursaris is a Singularity University expert in Education, e-Learning & Game-based Learning. Kyriakos holds a Music Education & Didactics degree and a Master of Choir Conducting from Charles University in Prague.

In 2008 he discovered his real passion, which is educational technology. He worked as Head of Technology at PaRK International School in Lisbon, Portugal, where he administered and facilitated technology-rich teaching and learning, guided collaborative curricular innovation as well as faculty and staff training/support, and ensured system service, reliability and consistency.

At his school, Kyriakos has successfully implemented the use of Minecraft in the curriculum through a weekly workshop called “Minepark” and has pioneered the platform’s educational utilisation at a national and international level. For his contribution to connected and game-based learning, he was recognised as an MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) Expert and Fellow, a Minecraft Global Mentor as well as an EU Code Week Leading Teacher.

In June 2020 Kyriakos started working at United Lisbon International School as eLearning Innovation and Technology Integration Specialist and has also been recognized as a Google Certified Educator.

As a result of his knowledge and experience, Kyriakos is the ideal speaker to talk about how exponential technologies are reshaping the future of education, and how to equip the future generation with the mindset, attitude, and tools they need to thrive in the new world of work.

The power of playful learning

Speaking Topics

  • Hacking Future Skills: Computer Science Education

    Change is a constant. And is now more accelerated than ever before. For educational systems to be able to support, promote, and deliver future-proof and life-ready skills to their students, we need to hack into the skills themselves. This will allow us to explore different approaches, strategies, initiatives, and reforms freshly and uniquely, to equip the future generation with the mindset, attitude, and tools they need to thrive in a world of exponential potential.

  • The Future of Education

    This talk is focusing on the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the change in schools and practices that it demands, to transform education to better cope with the incredibly high pace of global change. By exploring emerging technologies such as AI, immersive tech and analytics, and how they can support innovative approaches such as personalized and experiential learning, we aim to better understand, evaluate and support educational systems and accelerate learning, transform and enhance current curriculums and better prepare students for the new world of work.

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