Lasse Birk Olesen

Lasse Birk Olesen



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Areas of Expertise

Cryptocurrency  •  Blockchain

About Lasse

A blockchain entrepreneur since 2011, Lasse Birk Olesen co-founded Coinify which is one of the world’s leading blockchain payment providers. Coinify is also the exclusive exchange partner of the world’s largest blockchain wallet.

Being at the forefront of the blockchain technology, Lasse founded one of the first digital currency exchanges in Europe as well as the first digital currency exchange in the Philippines.

He consults European and Asian government agencies on blockchain technology and blogs with the largest Danish financial newspaper Børsen on how blockchains and other exponential technologies affect society and politics. Lasse is also often quoted in outlets such as Business Insider and Bloomberg.

Before diving into blockchain technology, Lasse worked with The Seasteading Institute and Blueseed to create startup countries on the ocean. He holds an engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark and also studied at the National University of Singapore.

How technology moves society - not politics: Lasse Birk Olesen at TEDxCopenhagen 2012

Blockchain Technologies | SingularityU Nordic Summit 2018

Speaking Topics

  • Making Trust Obsolete

    By digitising trust, or even making trust obsolete, blockchains directly address some of the underlying mechanisms of poverty and corruption. Billions are connecting to the global economy for the first time, and social entrepreneurs are building provably fair political election systems and myriads of other transformative applications. Learn what blockchains are and how they are spurring wealth creation, cooperation, and political and legal transparency like we have never seen before.

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