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Digital Manufacturing,

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Areas of Expertise

Digital Manufacturing  •  Future of Work  •  Future Forecasting  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Customer Experience  •  Augmented Reality  •  Artificial Intelligence  •  Design Thinking

About Les

LexSet President & Co-Founder, Leslie Oliver Karpas has a deep entrepreneurial background in computer vision and robotics. A strategist, evangelist, and technologist with expertise in driving innovative solutions from inception to market; he’s collaborated with such entities as Intellectual Ventures, Singularity University (his prior startup Metamason was a part of SU Labs), in addition to working for the artist Anish Kapoor. He is passionate about innovative user-oriented design through the interplay between digital and physical environments be it mixed reality, spatial computing, or scan-to-fit 3D printing. He has 3 granted patents on the intersection of 3D scanning, generative design, and methods of 3D printing; as well as 2 pending on Synthetic Data for Computer Vision. He’s received 3 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award Nominations, a CES Innovation Honoree (Metamason), and is an expert at startup pitching having amassed a double-digit collection of pitch competition victories. In 2020 he was humbly honored as LexSet was selected as one of the winners of Verizon Built on 5G Challenge.

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