Dr. Mark Jackson


Quantum Computing, Physics

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Areas of Expertise

Security  •  Space-Industry  •  Quantum Computing

About Mark

Dr. Jackson draws on this variety of deep expertise in scientific innovations, computational technology and space exploration to engage with the Singularity University community. As Core Faculty in Exponential Technology his responsibilities have included developing curriculum, delivering presentations, writing, and appearing in video expositions about quantum computing, data science, artificial intelligence, and others. He has delivered lectures in 19 countries, and spoken as an expert on multiple panels.

As Scientific Lead of Business Develop at Cambridge Quantum Computing, he is the liaison between the scientific and business components for a leading quantum computing startup. Speaking at a number of conferences and workshops on this nascent technology, he communicates how quantum computing will influence encryption & security, personalized medicine, machine learning, and other types of exponential technology.

Prior to this Jackson organized the Dawn of Private Space Science symposium bringing together leading scientists, foundations, corporations, policy makers, and commercial space lines under one roof to create opportunities for scientific research in space. He serves on the Board of Directors for the BoldlyGo Institute, a non-profit organization founded to address highly compelling scientific questions through new approaches to developing space science missions while engaging the global community in the quest.

Dr. Mark Jackson has a few upcoming engagements: Quantum Computing 
and the Future of Content Security, Hollywood Innovation and Technology Summit, May 23, 2019; the SAP and BCG Fireside Chat about Quantum Computing on June 20, 2019; the Opal Cybersecurity Summit on July 10-12, 2019.

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Speaking Topics

  • The Disruption of Quantum Computing

    The proposed experience will allow participants to use a quantum computer to perform post-quantum encryption and learn about other near-term quantum applications including personalized medicine and machine learning.

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