Marta Ghiglioni



About Marta

Marta is an Independent Consultant on Innovation and FinTech, based in Silicon Valley. She previously served as Managing director at ItaliaFintech and as a Fintech Strategy and Equity Investment Expert at Unicredit.

She has a legal and technological background and a strong passion for improving dialogue among different sectors: from legal to technological to business, her aim is to generate a positive impact on people and organizations, final users of financial services.

In 2018 she has been recognized by Medici among the 30 m​ost influential Fintech professionals​ in Italy. In 2017, she was listed among ​the 15 most influential Italian women in Innovation by Digitalic. In 2016, she took part in the ​Global Solution Program​ at Singularity University (SU) and she was selected for the Launchpad program by SU, with a ​legal tech ​project on Smart Contracts.

She has been an advisor to the Italian Government, Institutions as Bank of Italy and CONSOB, and European Authorities on p​olicy drafting for the new financial world​.

Speaking Topics

  • Blockchain, beyond the buzzword

    Blockchain is clearly one of the more discussed technologies in recent years, but what is really capable of doing today and what will do tomorrow?

    This talk presents 3 main capabilities of the technology and the fundamental questions to be asked to evaluate the applicability to a use case.

  • Design Future Law

    Among all aspects of technology and its impact, law is for sure one that is crucial to answering many ethical and business-related dilemmas. For centuries law has been written for human expert, but we are now starting rethinking it for machines. The talk has the aim of explaining why this is so crucial for the future development of technology and provides tools and methods, for participating in an informed process of designing Future Law.

  • Fintech

    The financial sector is being disrupted by technology, moving from a ownership based economy towards a service driven economy, new business models are arising.
    How the democratization of financial services is going to impact the world economy?
    What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the financial services? And Blockchain?
    Banks and startups are reshaping the future of money and this talk is oriented in showing the most disruptive applications and futuristic impacts.

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