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Areas of Expertise

Blockchain  •  Artificial Intelligence

About Massimo

Massimo is Chief Innovation Officer in Engineering Group, where he manages the innovation activities of the group and all the initiatives that are brought to the market, both from a technological and methodological point of view. His technological focus is on the present and the future of all enabling and exponential technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, Digital Twin, RPA, Mixed and Extended Reality, Cyber Security, Quantum Computing). On the other hand, from a methodological point of view, he works on the innovation management and all the co-innovation activities that enable, together with the customers, the design of their business models for the future.

Massimo holds a Computer Science Degree from Turin and a Communication Technology Degree from Milan. He has worked in several countries in the World and he has always held roles related to Innovation, Digital Transformation and Innovation Management.

International author and speaker, Massimo is a Professor at Executive MBA Ticinensis, Adjunct Professor in Innovation Management at the University of Turin, and also in Consultancy and Soft Skills at MIBE at the University of Pavia. He is also part of the Engineering faculty of the Boards of Directors of the Università di Firenze, as well as part of the Advisory Board in several University Masters on Innovation and Innovation Management.

He is part of several national and international working groups operating in the Enterprise Innovation, Blockchain – DLT, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management fields, at a Italian level (UNI), European (CEN) and worldwide (ISO and United Nations).

Speaking Topics

  • A new Mindset for Innovation

     Why is it so difficult to enable innovation initiatives in an organization?
     Which are the most relevant obstacles?
     How can we go through them?
    Most of the time organizations are not able to activate innovation inside them because of a completely wrong mindset, but the good news is that that mindset can be changed and that’s an easy task to do.

    After this talk, the participants will know the three most important best practices able to totally change the mindset for Innovation in an organization and they will have the right tools to use starting from the day after. Because innovation is not just business, innovation is building a better World.

  • Artificial Intelligence in our lives and in our companies

    What is Artificial Intelligence?
    How can machines learn from the context and from their experiences?
    Why algorithms are so important in our lives?
    Are machines “better” than humans and what does it mean?
    What is ethical AI?
    Which are the most interesting applications of artificial intelligence in our lives and in our companies?
    Is there anything we should be afraid of?
    What could be the future of artificial intelligence?
    During this talk the participants will discover the different aspects of artificial intelligence and which impacts this exponential technology has and will have in the future in our lives and in our companies.

  • Blockchain and DLT in our lives and in our companies

    What is a blockchain and which are the differences between blockchain and distributed ledger technologies?
    Why this exponential technology is so important for the World and for the mankind?
    Which are the most interesting use cases for companies, for citizens and for governments?
    Which are the differences between “certification” and “notarization” and what a blockchain can
    actually do?
    During this talk the participants will discover the different aspects of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers and which impacts these exponential technologies have and will have in the future in our lives and in our companies. A complete framework will be provided in order to help people to understand if and when could be interesting to use a blockchain or a DLT and what kind of technology should be used in different contexts.

  • Innovation and Sustainability

    A business should be sustainable from the economic point of view, but what about the other two sustainability pillars: social and environmental?
    What are the differences between “sustainable innovation” and “innovative sustainability”?
    Are exponential technologies sustainable? And what does it mean?
    Is there a unique way to judge the sustainability of an exponential technology or we should consider different points of view and many aspects?
    During this talk the participants will discover the different impacts of exponential technologies on economic, environmental and social sustainability and will understand that’s there’s no just one way to consider their impact on the planet.

  • Saving lives with Innovation

    Most of the time people think Innovation is just something related to business, but this is just a limited point of view. Innovation, first of all, means building a better world to live in, and one of the most important aspects, from this perspective, is saving people’s lives.

    During this talk, the participants will discover the most interesting examples of innovation initiatives with a direct impact on human beings, real actions able to save people’s lives in several ways and enabled by exponential technologies.

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