Muriel Clauson

Guest Speaker

Future of Work, Data Science

Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence  •  Human Potential  •  Future of Work  •  Data Science  •  Disruption  •  Design Thinking  •  Moderator  •  Impact  •  Facilitator  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Exponential Organizations  •  GGC-Prosperity  •  Leadership

About Muriel

Muriel is passionate about unlocking human potential to help people live radically fulfilling lives. She combines her love of industrial-organizational psychology, data science, and technology to explore how times of technological change can be leveraged for the betterment of all humans. Her goal is to positively impact a billion people through tools that help them have agency and dignity in their work and lives.

Muriel Clauson is a researcher, speaker, and entrepreneur focused on creating a better future of work. Muriel founded Oppticity, a data science company building “the skills map” to spark innovation around skill evolution for the workforce. As a future of work innovator, she has authored scientific publications, is a scientific advisor for several governments and organizations around the world and has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Forbes. She speaks on the future of work globally with organizations including the World Bank, Singularity University, China’s SAI Task Force for Innovation, the Milken Institute, United States Embassies, the Young Presidents Organization, and more. Muriel was named a 2017 “Game-Changer” by Women at the Frontier as an innovator in science and technology.

The workers´ Future

Speaking Topics

  • AI and the Future of Work

    This session is about how artificial intelligence is shaping the future of work. We will unpack how AI is already beginning to change work in positive ways that our organizations can adopt today. We will explore some of the future of work predictions, where they come from, and how we can proactively prepare. Finally, we will focus on the core of the future of work – the possibilities in store for humanity and the steps we can take now to realize these possibilities. Participants will walk away with practical steps for their organization to adopt now and a big vision for the world of work that we can create.

    Major Points
    MAIN IDEA: AI is creating a need to change who we are in relation to work (and this is a good thing)
    Major Point 1: AI is already changing work (and how you can incorporate this into your organization today)
    Major Point 2: AI will drastically change work in the longer term (and how we can adapt now)
    Major Point 3: How we can shape the future of work

    After attending this session, the learner will be able to:
    · Articulate several ways in which exponential technologies are changing work.
    · Consider the implications of these changes – both opportunities and challenges.
    · Identify a potential application of artificial intelligence to improve the human work experience.
    · Articulate a vision for a positive future of work.
    · Propose a specific initiative to help realize this vision.

  • Leadership & Disruption

    This session is about how the context of disruption primely positions us to thrive – if we are equipped as leaders. We will unpack the psychology of disruption and the leader, exploring the unique challenges leaders face in an exponential world and why leadership is more distributed than ever. We will identify the four archetypes of the disruptive leader and why knowing which style works best for you can help you lead effectively. Finally, we will discuss the critical competencies of leaders in times of disruption and how to cultivate these competencies. Participants will come away with practical steps for developing their own and their team’s leadership abilities and a big vision for their ability to together shape what comes next for humanity.

    Major Points
    MAIN IDEA: Disruption provides an opportunity to bring our best selves as leaders

    Major Point 1: Leaders face unique challenges today that require that we think about leadership differently and develop the leader in everyone

    Major Point 2: There are four main leadership styles of disruptive leaders who thrive and it is important to identify which style works best for you

    Major Point 3: There are four critical competencies of leaders in times of
    disruption – engagement, humility, vision, adaptability – and we can all cultivate them

    After attending this session, the learner will be able to:
    · Articulate several ways in which leadership in the context of disruption is unique.
    · Consider the effectiveness of the distribution of leadership in their teams.
    · Identify a focal archetype of the disruptive leader.
    · Articulate the leadership competencies that are most important in times of disruption.
    · Propose a leadership development plan for their team.

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