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About Nick

Nick Davis is Chief Solution Officer at Forbes Ignite and Chief Platform Officer of the Mid-Ohio Food Collective, a Feeding America member foodbank. Nick also serves as the Faculty Chair of Corporate Innovation at Singularity University where he directs the research and thought leadership development around Corporate Innovation. Nick is author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Future Ready: A Changemakers Guide to the Exponential Revolution.

For the past 15 years Nick has worked in a combination of Executive Education, Corporate Innovation, Venture Capital, and building and leading multiple high growth startups. Nick is a recognized thought leader in corporate innovation management and strategy, civic and social innovation, as well as entrepreneurship. Focus areas include: identifying exponential trends that deliver new customer value through new and existing technology platforms, futuring to stave off market disruptors, concept and prototype development, and how to build and manage corporate innovation labs and incubators on-site or within established startup ecosystems around in the world.
Previously, Nick was Director of Corporation Innovation at RocketSpace, External Innovation Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the US, and Co-Founder of Scalefunder, Inc., which was acquired by Ruffalo Cody in 2014. Nick attended The Ohio State University where he majored in Political Science with a minor in Theatre. He is also an alum of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, as well as The Esade Business School’s program in Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is also a veteran of the US Navy where he worked in Military Intelligence.

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Speaking Topics

  • Alternative Future: A New Approach to Strategy

    Envisioning, understanding, and mapping the uncertain future ahead is getting ever more difficult. As technologies accelerate market shifts and disruption to legacy businesses, one must learn to have a constant eye toward the future and be building a capability around speed that can get you ahead and keep you there. In this talk and/or workshop Nick will explore the three phases of how to develop your future exponential strategy. Leveraging tools like Sci-Fi and Narrative to develop a vision of the future that your teams and customers can align to, then looking at possible paths to have that desired future take place, and then finally mapping to trends and technologies that you need to be working on today to build toward that fast approaching future ahead. Nick leverages research on your industry and market to customize this session for each client, and in the workshop version helps attendees practice building future maps and discussing the impact to their roles and industry.

  • Exponential and Digital Transformation

    Transformation is one of the hottest new trends in the corporate world today. Almost every major brand is undergoing some kind of transformation effort. So, why are so many companies still falling further and further behind and having their transformation efforts stall or fall short? In this talk Nick explores how successful transformation happens when you begin with the establishment of URGENCY to CHANGE, then move to individuals, their mindsets and roles they play, in LEADING CHANGE, and finally structural and operational shifts needed to leap ahead and ADOPT the NEW CHANGE instead of reverting back to the old way.

  • Exponential Innovation

    Corporate Innovation as a function has reached a fair amount of maturity at most organizations. We are all operating off of and leveraging tools like Design Thinking, Lean/Agile, Open Innovation, etc. So, as the tools have gotten better and more individuals leverage them, why haven’t we started to see the successes of innovation increase more quickly? In this talk and/or workshop Nick leverages real life cases studies to explore how different companies from a multitude of industries are winning and losing at innovating. Through years of work and research in the area of innovation, Nick will present a list of the 10 Best Practices that organizations of any size can leverage to move from “Unnovation” to Exponential Innovation.

    In the workshop version, Nick can do a small assessment of your current capabilities around Corporate Innovation and bring recommendations for improvement that will be delivered in a take-a-way Playbook.

  • Exponential Innovator’s Mindset

    Almost 70% of Singularity’s attendees note that mindset is the key to success for executing and leading innovation for themselves and their organization. In this talk and/or extended workshop, Nick will explore the 10 mindsets necessary to go from an “Unnovation” to an “Innovation” mindset. This practical framework gives attendees an ability to quickly see where on the spectrum they and your organization currently are, and what areas one can focus on to help shift their mindset and accelerate their work. During the workshop portion Nick provides a workbook for attendees to fill out and discuss how they can adapt the 10 mindsets. This allows attendees to score themselves and practice with real examples they are facing in their roles. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how they can approach their work differently and what mindsets are needed to stay ahead in the fast approaching future.

  • Exponential Organizations

    As a result of accelerating change, a new breed of businesses is scaling ten times faster than established legacy organizations. Nick leverages his work from the time that he lead the Enterprise Solutions Division at Singularity working with hundreds of the world’s leading brands to bring real world examples of how to accelerate and become an Exponential Organization. The talk describes the characteristics and attributes of Exponential Organizations, and finishes with how to implement these ideas into established companies.

  • Getting and Staying Future Ready

    We all know legacy organizations were not built for speed. The need to become a Future Ready organization today, so one can leap ahead and stay competitive, is critical to success. In his new book, Future Ready, Nick explores how organizations can leverage a new framework to envision a clear future ahead, quickly build new future customer value, develop the leaders of tomorrow, and sustain a culture of exponential thinking. For this talk/workshop, Nick covers the topics of his new book and brings practical examples to life through the work he has done with over half of the Fortune 200. Topics include ways that executive teams can gain alignment on when to take action against market disruptions, practical examples from clients industries on how others are working toward getting themselves Future Ready, ways teams can better work together to accelerate their organization and themselves, among others.

  • Intro to Exponentials

    Humanity has seen more progress in science and technology in the last 40 years than the previous 4000. Within the last generation, we have discovered the role that exponential growth plays in driving progress forward. We’re making exponential advances in computing technologies, communication infrastructures, artificial intelligence, biotechnologies and more.

    In this talk Nick will discuss the basic frameworks for Exponential Growth and Exponential Thinking and how they apply to your selected industries of focus. Nick customizes his examples for each talk to ensure they are current and relevant for attendees.

  • Navigating the Disruption Ahead

    The speed of change will never be faster than it is today. The opportunities to leverage exponential technologies is increasing, but is the potential for disruption if one can’t execute at the speed needed to get ahead and stay ahead is very real. In this talk and/or workshop, Nick will explore the attendees industry of focus and adjacent ones that might spark new thinking, bring real life case studies for current disruption happening, and show examples of how others are navigating disruption to leap ahead of their competition. A key area of focus that Nick explores is the speed of awareness to trends, how one understands their impact, and how organizations can build a mechanism to take quick and decisive action, turning disruption into opportunity for themselves.

  • The Future of Work

    Technology is impacting every facet of work today and the pace of change is only going to accelerate in the future. In this talk and/or extended workshop, Nick will explore questions like: What impact will the addition of 1.4 billion people to the digital economy by 2025 have on employment? What jobs will be lost, and what jobs will be gained? How will technology integration and augmentation to our work and ourselves impact positively vs. disrupt us completely? This session approaches the content and topic from a perspective of engagement; encouraging attendees to lean into the future and create their desired outcome vs. take a sit back and wait approach. Nick will bring real time examples of work being done to address these issues today, and help push attendees thinking in how they can personally engage and lean in through their role at their organization.

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