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Areas of Expertise

Digital Technologies  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Leadership  •  Exponentials

About Nuno

Nuno Machado Lopes is a Singularity University expert in Exponential Leadership, Digital Technologies, Innovation & Transformation. Nuno’s journey as an entrepreneur spans over 2 decades working with companies in the hospitality industry, in events, a recording label with Universal Music and a marketing agency.

As a certified international coach, Nuno is also certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I & EQ-360), Certified NLP practitioner by Richard Bandler, Certified Barrett Values Center I & II Consultant, Gallup Strengths Development Coach and in the Leadership Circle. More recently as a Certified ExO Consultant and Trainer.

Nuno’s MTP is empowering humans to become the leaders their businesses so urgently need.

As companies presently grow exponentially and humans linearly (biologically), Nuno works with individuals and teams in mapping out the different stages of the company lifecycle to the human development needs required to scale leadership effectively.

Speaking Topics

  • Empowering humans to become leaders in an uncertain world

    Technology has been growing at an exponential rate since the 50s when Gordon Moore predicted this. We are now in a unique time in history, whereby not 1 but over a dozen technologies are converging and redefining the landscape. The challenge is that technology grows exponentially, yet humans grow linearly (biologically). This creates an ever widening gap between the complexity of the world and the complexity of our minds.

    In this session you’ll gain knowledge into how this affects you and what needs to be done to begin leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. You will leave with an understanding of the difference between scarcity and abundance, exponential and linear thinking, fixed vs growth mindset and the tools to evolve into exponential leadership.

    This session is led by an ExO Certified Consultant and ExO Certified Trainer and Certified Leadership Circle Profile Assessment.

  • Leadership Circle - Leadership assessment

    As Bob Anderson reflects, the world is in crisis—a dangerous opportunity. We are at a pivotal inflection point in human history.
    We either breakthrough or breakdown. Breakdown happens if we go back to normal. Breakthrough requires a new form of leadership, one that is highly conscious and effective. Integral Leadership is now required.
    You will be asked to take the most complete and relevant assessment – the Leadership Profile – before the session. Then during the session, we will delve deep into the importance of growth and personal development, how it relates to current challenges and why collective leadership is the solution.
    The final part will be a debrief of the leadership circle profile, your assessment and the steps each one needs to move from a reactive to a creative and finally an integral self. A transformative moment in transformative times.
    This session is led by an ExO Certified Consultant and ExO Certified Trainer and Certified Leadership Circle Profile Assessment.

  • Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) - organizational values & purpose

    The world is suffering from exponential problems and you can’t address them with traditional linear solutions. We need new leadership that recognizes this paradigm and navigates through it – you have to be leading from a purpose driven mindset to succeed. Organizations will have to be purpose driven, agile, adaptable and scalable.
    In this session you will learn about the MTP, how to create one and how all attributes of successful companies are linked to the authentic creation of an MTP. It has to come from inside, from the expression of leadership, delivering beyond the self, beyond products and beyond profits. It has to come from every single person in the organization. It starts with the brand and morphs into the MTP.
    We found that purpose driven companies lead with purpose and galvanise the purpose that threads itself through all parts of the organisation, the community and remaining stakeholders.
    This session is led by an ExO Certified Consultant and ExO Certified Trainer.

  • The Immune System - why transformation programs fail & how to overcome this

    The main reason transformation projects fail is because the immune system of the organization kicks in. Learn the difference between innovating in the core within the current business model and disrupting in the core through new exponential business models.
    In this session you will understand why the immune system kicks in, why it’s important it does it and how to circumvent it. You will also learn about the 10 week ExO sprint for innovating & disrupting in startups or legacy organizations.
    This session is led by an ExO Certified Consultant and ExO Certified Trainer.

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