Oren Yakobovich

Guest Speaker

Policy, Law, Ethics

Areas of Expertise

Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics  •  Security

About Oren

Oren Yakobovich is social entrepreneur working at the intersection of human rights and film-making for 20 years. He is a leading voice on how to use visual information to create sustainable lasting positive change in areas of conflict. He co-founded Videre in 2008, an NGO with ground breaking methodology to equip oppressed communities with customized technology to uncover information from places where media can’t or won’t go. Before founding Videre, Oren led the video department at the Israeli human rights organization BTselem. At BTselem, he developed Shooting Back, a video project that has trained hundreds of citizens in the West Bank that lives in the most dangerous places to use cameras to fight for justice. The project won several awards, including the One World Media award and the International Media Award Cutting Edge Prize. Prior to his work with human rights NGOs, Oren made several documentaries mostly focusing on political and social issues. Oren served in the Israeli army as an officer in an infantry unit, becoming a conscious objector after witnessing injustice in the Occupied Territories and serving a period of time in the army jail. A sought-after expert on using technology to expose human rights violations, Oren is frequently called upon to brief civil society, government, international organisation and media decision-makers. Oren is an Ashoka fellow.

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