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About Owen

Owen Gaffney is an Irish writer and internationally renowned expert on the future of people and planet. He lives in a forest outside Stockholm on the edge of the world’s largest archipelago. He believes the future is bright for humanity – if we can navigate the next century.

Owen has published ground-breaking analyses on the state of Earth and is a regular writer for New Scientist as well as contributing regularly to international media – both scientific and non-scientific on subjects ranging from geopolitics and the Trump administration to artificial intelligence and data visualisation. He co-founded the Future Earth Media Lab and Rethink.Earth and is on the editorial board of Anthropocene Magazine. He works for three leading institutes for exponential thinking: Stockholm Resilience Centre, Future Earth (at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – of Nobel Prize fame) and Singularity University.

His unique background spans journalism, filmmaking, writing, communications, Earth-system science, international policy, astronautic engineering, data visualization and academic publishing.

He has produced novel visualisations of the state of the planet, created the Anthronaut series of VR hackathons and is diving in to artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and fintech. He has spoken regularly at the Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program and is linked to two spin-outs: Iris.AI (artificial intelligence) as a mentor, and co-founder of the Global Goals Lab.

Owen is a frequent speaker at international conferences and is regularly invited to give talks about the state of the planet in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa. He has presented at TedXStockholm and he loves doing media work – print, radio and TV and has a social media presence on major platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). He advises NGOs, consultancies, the Economist Intelligence Unit and Hollywood filmstars.

Currently, Owen is immersed in future scenarios, roadmaps and pathways towards global sustainability with The World In 2050 project. His recent work explores technological, economic and political tipping points in society and the global economy. Owen has proposed a hypothesis that planetary intelligence* will emerge on Earth by 2050.

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