Peter Wicher

Guest Speaker

About Peter

Peter Wicher’s career in Silicon Valley spans more than thirty years of working at the intersection of business, technology, and education. His responsibilities have covered product marketing, business development, and executive management in public and private companies. In pioneering companies in computer graphics and video technology including 3Dfx, Genesis Microchip, and Trident Microsystems, he led the development of numerous business roadmaps and products through the entire concept to end-of-life cycle. He served an internship at the National Science Foundation, was co-author of an early IEEE paper on integrated sensors, and was lead inventor for a fundamental mobile computer graphics patent. Peter’s diverse professional experience also includes an advanced degree in Special Education and two years of experience in teaching young adults with learning disabilities.

Peter writes about exponential leadership for Singularity University’s blog, and has recently founded, a blog devoted to exponentially growing technologies and their roles in solving significant social challenges. As a Facilitator for Singularity University, Peter brings his experience as an executive, technologist, and educator to help our clients understand how to successfully leverage rapidly growing technologies to grow new businesses. Peter is a firm believer that the world’s greatest challenges are an organization’s greatest opportunities.

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