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Areas of Expertise

Wellness  •  Virtual Reality  •  Space-Industry  •  Sensors  •  SciFi  •  Policy  •   Law  •   Ethics  •  Neuroscience  •  Moderator  •  Machine Learning  •  Longevity  •  Internet of Things  •  GGC-Prosperity  •  GGC-Health  •  GGC-Governance  •  Genetics  •  Future of Work  •  Future Forecasting  •  Facilitator  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Exponentials  •  Exponential Organizations  •  Disruption  •  Digital Biology  •  Design Thinking  •  Deep Learning  •  Data Science  •  Cryptocurrency  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Convergence  •  Blockchain  •  Biotech  •  Autonomous Vehicles  •  Augmented Reality  •  Abundance  •  Artificial Intelligence

About Peter

Peter is a keynote speaker and writer on transhumanism and emerging technologies. He is the co-founder of Transhumanism Australia, a community of technologists dedicated to helping society transcend the limitations of our human biology using science and technology. He also works on technology and growth initiatives at KPMG, helping organisations navigate and flourish in these unprecedented times of accelerating change and disruption. Peter is part of the SingularityU Australia team as an advisory board member. He is also an executive member of Science Party Australia, a political party committed to upholding the scientific method in policymaking.

Speaking Topics

  • Super-Intelligent Organisations: Business Models For The AI Era

    In this keynote, Peter will provide an overview of the artificial intelligence landscape and how organisations are taking advantage of the new markets and opportunities being created today.

    He’ll cover the paths to implementation, organisational changes required and strategies to maximise the potential of AI adoption in the near future. Peter will provide case studies from his experience in AI implementation for multinational organisations at consulting firm, KPMG. He’ll also provide scenarios for the implications of increasing automation in our work and its impact on society.

  • The Platform Wars: How competing software, hardware and political ideology could accelerate existing divisions in humanity into the future

    This keynote explores the current divisions in software, hardware and political ideology, stemming from the closed ecosystems enforced by competition among tech giants and nation states.
    As a follow up to the keynote, there would be an option to provide a workshop (“Platform Wars”), to have the audience form teams, and ideate on solutions to mitigating the risk of ecosystem lock-ins by tech giants and nation states.

  • Transhumanism: The next logical step in our evolution

    This module is an introduction to Transhumanism, a global movement of people who want to transcend the limitations of our human biology using science and technology.

    It will cover some of the latest breakthroughs that will pave the way for humanity to extend the healthy human lifespan, to merge with artificial intelligence, and to expand our wellbeing through abundance.
    It will emphasize why now the most important time is in human history to shape the future of our species through the Transhumanist movement – why we need to embrace it, accelerate it in a positive direction for society, and make the technologies available for everyone.

    As a follow up to the keynote, there would be an option to provide a workshop (“Cards for Transhumanity”), to have the audience form teams, and each individual draws a card that contains the 3 core pillars of transhumanism: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing. They then draw from a deck of cards containing the technologies discussed from the earlier presentation e.g. CRISPR, brain-computer interfaces, biochips, 3D printed organs, augmented reality, blockchain. The individuals each pitch to their team members on their future transhuman experience based on the pillar and technologies, and come together as a team selecting one spokesperson from their team to pitch their future vision of humanity to the audience.


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