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Areas of Expertise

Augmented Reality  •  Medicine

About Philip

Philip Edgcumbe is a Canadian scientist, biomedical engineer, medical innovator, doctor in training (MDPhD) and entrepreneur. In 2017, Philip led a team which developed a XPRIZE global crowdsourcing competition to End Alzheimer’s, raised $25 million USD to run the competition, and was selected as the top priority XPRIZE for launch in 2018.

Philip is striving to positively impact the health of a billion people by connecting medicine, biomedical research, and entrepreneurship. He has invented, patented and licensed a medical device and was part of two biomedical start-up companies. He is currently the Innovator-in-Residence for the Canadian Medical Association Innovation Lab. In 2014 Philip was the recipient the Outstanding Young Scientist award at MICCAI. In 2016 he spent the summer in Silicon Valley at Singularity University where he applied exponential technologies to medical innovation. In 2017 he received the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award. Philip speaks internationally about the topic of Disruptive Technology and the Future of Health Care.

Opening Speech at Visioneers - Alzheimer's Oct, 2017

UBC SLC 2017 - Speech at the Closing Ceremony

Crowdsourcing for Better Healthcare

Global Solutions Program 2016 Application Video

Webinar: The Doctor's Challenge - Dr. Philip Edgcumbe

SU Canada Faculty - Dr. Philip Edgcumbe

Speaking Topics

  • From Evolution to Revolution: Disruptive Technology and the Future of Health Care

    In the last century the world we live in has transitioned from a local and linear world to a global and exponential world. This technological transition – from linear to exponential – has increased health, wealth and prosperity and has given humanity the hope of achieving abundance for every person on the planet. Exponential change and exponential technology has disrupted our way of life and transformed entire industries. For example, 40% of the USA workforce was employed in farming in 1900 compared to 2% today. In the last decade, 3.5 billion people around the world have come online and now have a wealth of new ideas and technologies at their fingertips. Kodak’s film camera was replaced by the digital camera, Blockbuster by Netflix and the library (and much else!) by the internet. Healthcare is on the edge of experiencing that same kind of transformational change as well. Advances in genomics, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, molecular diagnostics, artificial intelligence, robotics, digitization of medical records, the foray of “big digitals” like Apple and Google into healthcare and much else will all contribute to transformational changes in healthcare. This talk will elucidate how healthcare is becoming digitized, dematerialized and democratized. Healthcare is on the verge of a paradigm shift in which it will enter a new era of proactive health monitoring and patient-centric care in which patients will be newly empowered and health literate. This talk will teach you how you exponential technology will allow you to take control of your health like never before.

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