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Co-Founder of OpenCollective, Co-Founder (now board member) of The DemocracyEarth Foundation, a YCombinator backed collaborative decision-making platform (DemocracyOS). Political scientist by training, peer and co-founder of Partido de la Red (The Net Party), World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, member of The World Fix, a community tackling the world’s toughest problem: Government. Former Chief of Advisors Deputy Secretary of Political Affairs, Government of the City of Buenos Aires. Institute for the Future for Good Fellow, The X-Lab Fellow.

Future Democracy

A new Way of Sustaining Open Source

Cities as Open Collectives - Opening OuiShare Fest 2017

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Speaking Topics

  • Governance and Citizenship in an Exponential Age

    The implications and opportunities of many of the technological breakthroughs happening now and in the near future will be nothing short of disruptive to our lives, our businesses and industries, and society as a whole. A new understanding and set of tools are required to stay ahead of this exponential curve, through which we will solve some of the greatest problems facing humanity today.

    Once you’ve tackled these challenges, where are the opportunities to both run a successful business and positively impact lives?

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