Rachel Sibley

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

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About Rachel

Rachel Sibley is a futurist, artist, and strategist who specializes in immersive technologies—primarily Augmented and Virtual Reality.

As AR/VR Faculty at Singularity University, she helps Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs worldwide ramp into exponential mindsets and strategically deploy immersive technology. Formerly a VP at Leap Motion (the company that allows people to interact in the digital world with their bare hands) Rachel led go-to-market efforts to bring physical interaction to augmented and virtual reality. Before that, she helped scale IBM Design, opening 29 global design studios in one year, catalyzing culture change, and creating a more design-centric ethos at one of the world’s oldest and largest technology companies. Rachel has been named by WIRED as a “Women to Watch” in VR and AR, co-authored a Diversity Manifesto featured in VentureBeat, and showcased her choreography at SXSW and the Cotton Bowl. As we move into the cyborg generation and technology becomes increasingly intimate, personalized, and kinesthetic, Rachel’s background as an award-winning dancer and choreographer afford her a unique perspective on the possibilities and perils of embodying this complex new digital world.

Through consulting, speaking, and senior leadership roles at companies both large (IBM) and scrappy (Leap Motion), Rachel helps envision, identify, and design how exponential technologies will shape our future.

Navigating Attention: Designing Immersive Story Worlds

AR/VR in Education | "Next Reality" Documentary Interview

The Outspoken Rachel Sibley

Dubai - A City Prototyping The Future In Real Time

Speaking Topics

  • A Changemaker Toolkit: How to Bring Impact Home

    How to implement change in your family, community, and organizations

  • Ethical Intimacy in the Age of the Avatar

    How virtual worlds rewrite the rules of social connection and reshape human experience

  • Extending Reality: Why, When, & How to Leverage VR & AR for Impact

    Immersive Technologies (VR, AR, MR) are poised to revolutionize business, entertainment, education, healthcare, and more. Still, the devices that power these experiences have yet to coalesce around an optimal user experience, and VR content creation remains nascent.

    How do we capitalize on the potential of Immersive Tech? Where do we look to understand this new technology?

    In this talk, I’ll share insights based on my experiences charting new interaction paradigms and advising multinational organizations across the globe to implement immersive tech.

    I hope our audience will leave this talk with an understanding that immersive tech is more than glorified film and bigger than gaming. This technology upends narrative control, unleashes mosaic perspectives, frees us to think with our full selves, and demands embodiment. Thanks to VR and AR, tiny screens that clamor for our attention will give way to objects and experiences that respond to our humanity. In “XR,” we discover that interaction can be a form of art. And when we do that, we can transform not only how humans interact with technology, but also how humans fundamentally understand the world.

  • Reaching In and Reaching Out: How VR & AR Transform Healthcare for Patient & Practitioner

    A Healthcare-specific talk on VR and AR applications & utility

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