Dr. Radhika Dirks

Guest Speaker

AI, Quantum Computing

Areas of Expertise

Quantum Computing  •  Machine Learning  •  Artificial Intelligence  •  Exponentials  •  Nanotech

About Radhika

Rogue physicist turned entrepreneur, Radhika is passionate about bringing science-fiction style technologies to reality. She is currently CEO at XLabs, a moonshot factory for artificial intelligence (AI) and unconventional computing.

Prior to X, she was CEO & founder of Seldn, an artificial intelligence predicting global socio-economic disruptions (‘black swans’). Radhika has also co-led cleantech deals as a founding member of Shell’s venture capital group and was COO of Rotary Gallop, a game theory based fintech firm. Radhika has been named as one of the top rising women entrepreneurs in the US.

Radhika fuses diverse expertise from various fields, from complexity physics & quantum computing to business & artificial intelligence. She frequently advises corporates, VCs, and several quantum computing/AI startups.

Radhika has a PhD in quantum computing and a M.S in nanotechnology from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Radhika has built the world’s best source of entangled photons for quantum computing. Her PhD thesis featured a whole chapter on teleportation. When she’s not exploring ambitious next-gen technology, she’s typically rock climbing.

Rage Of AI - Dr Radhika Dirks

What is AI - Dr Radhika Dirks

Speaking Topics

  • Artificial Alchemy & Impossible Intelligences

  • Future of Computing

  • Future of Intelligence

  • Moonshots of the Intelligent Age

  • Rage of AI

  • The Future of Computing: abundance of moonshots

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